How To Create Content At Home

The tips you need to be able to create beautiful content from the comfort of your own home… 

The tips you need to be able to create beautiful content from the comfort of your own home…

I think its fair to say with with everything going on with the whole ‘C’ situation (I dare not use the actual word, lets keep this lighthearted), us content creators have had to reevaluate things. Everyday we were used to scrolling through our Instagram feeds and looking at photos taken in stunning backdrops. I mean it was only four weeks before lockdown happened that I was stood in front of the Eiffel Tower eating a crepe! So from going from creating content outside everyday, to now being confined to our homes to make content is a little off-balance, to say the least. Whether you have an ‘instagrammable’ house or not (I cannot say mine is) it can leave us struggling to find our feet in this new creative wave we are facing. 

I used to create a lot of home content. Albeit it was rather crap, and we are talking about four years ago when I first started blogging. But during this lockdown period we have had, I have been able to experiment with making content a bit more. I think the best way to look at is this. We are content creators, bloggers, influencers you name it. It is literally our role to make content and be creative with it. So what? We can’t go to those dreamy London looking streets we normally go to. Its a challenge we are all facing and if you really put your mind to it, its something to spark creativity.

Before lockdown, I was taking different outfit photos nearly 4 times a week. Looking back it was WAY too much, and I didn’t consider the quality. I have realised I can create a weeks worth of content using one different outdoor shot a week, reposting older content and shooting home content. But its really made me appreciate home shooting. And how I can really utilise it to build more of a ‘theme’ to my grid. 

I did two bulk shoots a week before lockdown happened because I kinda presumed it would be an eventuality. I wanted to be prepared so I took about 5 outfits out with my mum and shot them, and then I met Lauren Jewell, and we went and did a bulk shoot together all before lockdown. So admittedly I have got an outfit a week – depending how long we are staying at home. However I have been so inspired to make home content I haven’t posted many of the images yet! 

Because I have found some ways to make content making feel less jumbled, I thought I would put them all down in a post. But what I want to emphasise is that it might feel daunting. Especially if you feel your home isn’t picture perfect, but with these tips you can get some banging photos. 


I think the main thing I have been experimenting with is lighting. What has been iconic is that since lockdown, the UK has had some pretty gorgeous weather. Like I don’t think it has even rained since lockdown. But this means good lighting ops people!! Take my image above for example. In our utility room, we have a sky light, so at about 12/1PM when its sunny the light will hit the wall. Given, not everyone has a skylight in their roof. However if you have a window, keep an eye on the times where the light hits it perfectly!

For example, if I shoot around the back of my house, like in the spare bedroom as it has cream wall, I know the light is perfect at about 8AM. But if I shoot in the front of my house, its at about 6PM in the evening. You only have to find small spots of lighting to get the perfect shadow play in your images. 


I keep looking at some Instagram posts, and being like “Why don’t I have that gorgeous dark teal wall and radiator covers?!” Or “Why don’t I have that type of furniture?!” Because I live with my family, not in some Parisian apartment. But again, you have to utilise what you have. Take time to look at the corners around your home you wouldn’t have thought about shooting in before.

Some ideas include, tapping a pillowcase to your wall for a small white backdrop. Hanging a bedsheet on your washing line for a larger home studio backdrop. Using baking paper, propping it against the window, and using it as a white backdrop for product photography (trust me is amazing). Using work surfaces, wooden surfaces, clothing or anything that gives a bit of texture. A lot of my photos are taken on my kitchen floor which is a light sand/grey wood colour. Literally just sit down and have a think, explore your home a bit. 


I used to very much have a love/hate – okay more hate – relationship with flatlay photos. I fell SO out of love with them that I pretty much started refusing to do them. However with isolation I am slowing becoming to do them again. I have gone more minimalistic, basic and really thought about composition and what I want in my images. I have bought some magazines online, like the Unconditional Magazine, and Cereal Magazine and Vogue. Vogue is a perfect option because its really inexpensive and can be bought online or in your local super market. Also it is good reading material during isolation too. I have been using books, makeup brushes, a cup of coffee, mirrors, skincare products, labels in clothing, jewellery, perfume bottles, sunglasses, blankets, scarfs, candles, pretty much ANYTHING that gets my Inso going. 


A deal breaker for me was getting lots of inspiration. My ‘Saved’ section on Instagram is literally full of inspiration ideas. It has really helped me narrow down and decide the types of content I want to be creating. I have separate folders on it for ‘Home Shots’, ‘General Inspo’, ‘Food’ and you get the idea. I have been using this more than my own Pinterest because not only does it help my fellow bloggers, but it is also super accessible when it comes around to shooting. It also lays it out so it looks like a feed so it MEGA inspiring. I think if I hadn’t been saving all my inspiration then I wouldn’t find getting home content as easy as I have been. 

How have you been getting on with shooting home content? 

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6 responses to “How To Create Content At Home”

  1. Lauren Brooker says:

    These are such great tips! I’ve been home shooting for as long as I’ve been blogging for which is coming up to 5 years and I find it so much easier than shooting content outside. Although sometimes inspiration can wear a bit thin but being inspired by other bloggers and creators is such a good way to unleash your inner creativity again. Saving photos to Instagram is such a good idea! I had started doing that a couple of months ago but I haven’t done anymore since. I need to get back to it xx

    Lauren | itslaurenvictoria.co.uk

    • Emily Clare says:

      I think I got so used to shooting outside I found it hard to get into the rhythm of shooting at home again! But yes I completely agree! Honestly saving things on Instagram is more of a hobby for me now!

  2. Holly Rebecca White says:

    I love this post. It’s so true that getting creative is in our blood as “influencers” (gah I hate that word haha) and it’s so fun to find new ways to explore that whilst at home. I really struggled with comparing myself to people with massive, beautifully decorated homes, envious of the way they could shoot from anywhere whilst at home, but I shrugged that off and realised I can totally make do with what I have here in my own home (my parents home that I still have not moved out of haha). It’s definitely about looking at rooms from a different perspective and discovering new little corners you can use! I’m definitely going to have to try out the washing line idea! Xxx

    • Emily Clare says:

      I think that is something that I have been struggling with – realising that I don’t have that lavish Parisian home I dream of because I also live with my parents. And that I need to cut myself some slack because in reality I won’t be moving out any time soon haha!

  3. Great tips! When I started my blog I created a lot of content at home.


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