Why Tik Tok Is Becoming Important For Fashion Bloggers

I don’t want to admit it but even I am addicted to Tik Tok and I can see why…

I don’t want to admit it but even I am addicted to Tik Tok and I can see why…

Hands up if you are a Tik Tok addict *raises hand*. If you asked me about two or three weeks ago if I was on Tik Tok I would have scoffed at you. ‘No of course not don’t be silly’. I couldn’t get my head around why people thought these silly viral videos were funny. Or why my boyfriend was learning all the dances. I mean, I can’t say I will ever post a dance video to Tie Tok, but some of them out there are quite impressive. But Tik Tok is like no other platform in the sense you can literally get lost in it for hours. One minute it will be 10PM and I would have just gotten in bed, and the next thing you know its 1AM. Like WHAT?!

I have been sending my boyfriend different Tik Toks and I have probably exhausted him form all the puppy videos I have come across. But there are a lot of funny viral memes that within the situation we find ourself in with COVID-19. Its just quite light hearted. 

I don’t want to admit it but even I am addicted to Tik Tok and I can see why…

But despite all of the puppy videos, and muscle pulling from learning the dances, I have realised that a lot of fashion bloggers are actually using Tik Tok as a bit of a relief. Its not like Instagram with its algorithms, its not full of AD posts. Even though they pay my Bills, Tik Tok just seems a bit more ‘for the people’ than ‘for the money’. 

For those of you, who like me a month or so ago, had NO clue on what Tik Tok even is then I will give you a brief rundown. Tik Tok is a video sharing app where users can easily create humerous, emotional or lighthearted content. It provides high quality editing skills and a range of different backing tracks which have led to viral challenges. You can also easily scroll through other peoples videos on the ‘for you page’. This makes content easy to find and easy to become viral. 

One reason why Tik Tok will become important for fashion bloggers is that those who will be on it will be considered ‘pack leaders’. For content creators, its often about getting ahead of the game. Or doing something different from the usual to grab the attention of your audience. Because if you are making the same photos as the next Tom, Dick and Harry why will people follow you over them? Often content creators are able to transform over to the app from other social networking sites. Or show their personality a bit more than they would on other apps. By being able to create content that is liked and is popular among the main Gen Z audience, it allows for fashion bloggers to connect with their young audience more. 

I don’t want to admit it but even I am addicted to Tik Tok and I can see why…

But did you know that Tik Tok has over 500 million monthly users??? YEAH. NEITHER DID I. It is now also overtaken instagram in the monthly download stats. For us bloggers who want to showcase our content to a growing audience the stats suggest this is the place to be. For a lot of people making viral content and sticking to the memes that are popular can be cringe. But the ability to make and publish videos can play to use bloggers advantage. Some content ideas include outfit styling videos, behind the scenes videos, insights into content creation etc. Whilst mixing it with some funny videos to show us as people, not just as a ‘blogger’ or ‘influencer’. Its a platform that can boost a sense of identity. 

With a new platform also comes a new sense of creativity. I for one, know the feeling of being comfortable and making content that I am used to and that only. For example, I have just recently ventured into IGTV. It was so nerve-wrecking because one I hate the sound of my own voice or watching myself, and two because it was out of my comfort zone. But there is almost no pressure with tik tok. A lot of people are new to the platform too. You can find your feet and create new content that perhaps you wouldn’t post on Instagram. 

So what do you think? Will fashion bloggers take over Tik Tok?

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