How To Find Your Perfect Evening Dress

The evening dress essentials for when we want to dress up a little fancier…

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The evening dress essentials for when we want to dress up a little fancier…

Let me give you a little back story. Before we got put into this self isolation period (love you coronavirus… not), I was in the middle of organising a dinner dance event. I went to this same event last year and it was such a good night! This year, they needed someone else to organise it so I was like ‘how cool would it be to say I organised it #proud’. I mean, considering it was meant to be on the 1st of May, its safe to say it won’t be happening now. But, ever since I started organising it in January, I was on the hunt for a good evening dress.

I don’t go ‘out-out’ too often, in fact possibly once in a blue moon. So there is always a sense of panic and ‘What the hell do I wear?!’ When a gala, fancy bash or meal out creeps up. So how do we chose what to wear? 

Spoiler Alert = WHATEVER SUITS YOU. 

My outfit:

Dress – Eden Floral Tulle Dress from IKRUSH (gifted)

Bag – Emrata Faux Leather Pouch Bag IKRUSH (gifted)

Shoes – Nella Black Leather Moda In Pelle (gifted)

The evening dress essentials for when we want to dress up a little fancier…

But I understand that sometimes shopping for a dress, that you know has to look good, and one that will only come out on special occasions can be quite daunting. In fact, VERY DAUNTING. So if you will need that help, confidence boost, or guidance on what to try then here are some ideas…

The Wrap Dress…

One of the most versatile styles of dresses is the wrap dress. There is an endless amount of retailers, high and low end, that will send this style because of the fact it can cater for anyone. Its a good subtle way to flash a little cleavage. To synch you in at your waist and your most flattering parts. Or to keep you feeling secure when you want to get on the dance floor. I personally stay away from the plunge wrap dresses, however the vast majority of my dresses have a wrap style to them. The wrap dresses will allow you to feel you best and support everything you have got going. 

Have a look at these: 

ASOS Midi Wrap Dress With Waterfall Sleeves In Blue Leaf Print – £36.00*

Arket Jersey Wrap Dress – £27.00* (down from £89)

Whistles Woodblock Print Wrap Dress £79* (down from £159)

The evening dress essentials for when we want to dress up a little fancier…

The Classic Mini Dress…

If you’ve got the legs girl then f.l.a.u.n.t themmmm! Mini dresses are best when you have other parts of your outfits that you want to show off too. Grab your best knee high boots, or towering heels with a mini dress and accessorise to the max. I know that mini dresses can always be the dress people feel a bit self-conscious with. The revealing nature, the tighter fit, can often leave the idea that mini dresses are for those in your 20s only. But there are so many different styles that are structured, floaty or concealed so that you can eat your heart out. They are also good for the bigger hipped girls. Grab a mini dress with detailing across the shoulders to balance it out.

Have a look at these…

Pretty Little Thing 4Fashion Black Sequin Detail Long Sleeve Mini Dress – £30*

NASTY GAL Beige Cowl Neckline Satin Dress – £28*

House of Fraser Only Lila Mini Dress – £35*

The Full Out Maxi Dress… 

For those occasions where you want to feel like a true princess, for the ones where a red carpet or nice photos are involved. A maxi, full length dress is truly the highlight of an outfit. Its good for those that don’t want to show any leg but want to feel glammed up with sequins, silk of tulle. There is a range of different styles with a floor length dress, but there will always be a certain level of formality with one. 

Have a look at these…

Ted Baker Masquerade Pleated Maxi Dress – £299*

Frock and Frill Aloy Grey Maxi Dress – £83* (down from £165)*

Chi Chi London Juliana Dress in Sage – £79.20* (down from £99)*

The Suit…

I wanted to include an option for those who aren’t dress lovers. In 2019 the suit game really stepped up a mark and you could find some of the NICEST red carpet styles that were only in high street stores. A suit will work wonders for those who like structure. They balance our formality and business chic, but you could add a nice bralette or silk cabin underneath to give it that sense of luxury.

Have a look at these… 

Topshop Sage Peg Leg Suit Trousers and Blazer – £26 & £39*

Karen Millen Red Tailored Suit Jacket – £141* (down from £235)*

New Look NA-KD Cream Suit Trousers and Belted Blazer – £37.95 & £60.00*

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  1. I’m loving this mesh dress. Those heels are the cutest! That bag is fab too. I’ve seen so many styles similar to this one for the spring season.

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