Shops you probably haven’t shopped at, but need to…

This is the one when you have given up on shops you have been attached to for years. 

This is the one when you have given up on shops you have been attached to for years.
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Black Blouse – Loavies (gifted)
Straight Jeans – Topshop*
Biker Boots – Sisters and Seekers
Crossbody Bag – Topshop (Similar)*

We all have our favourite stores. Even though we spend hours scrolling through Instagram gazing at the latest trends we are often all finding ourselves drifting in and out of the same stores. Or going the same apps on our phones. I do it. I have the ASOS app on my phone – you know just for a casual 4 hour browse – and I tend to look on there more than anywhere else. If I had to narrow it down though my most go to shops would be H&M, Zara or Topshop. I never really venture anywhere else because Plymouth isn’t exactly fashion central. However I have in the last couple of months been really keen to try newer brands. 

It is the whole process of ‘Search: H&M. White shirt/jeans/leather shirt. Add to basket. 3-5 days delivery. Wear for a bit. Want new clothes. Repeat. This whole cycle not only is really bad for the whole fast fashion issue. But it is also so secure and easy for us to do. Its a bit like a comfort basket. Whether its Pretty Little Thing, M&S or wherever that you drift to most common, there are places which might do the same for cheaper, better quality or more environmentally friendly. Staying in our own little fashion bubbles is something that happens without us realising but I want to enlighten you on a few brands which I feel you should spend some time looking at. Or if these brands aren’t really your style, then perhaps this post could make you think about doing a little bit more research. And its pretty damn good finding a new shop which you fall in love with. 

This is the one when you have given up on shops you have been attached to for years.

For the everyday fashion lovers…. Loavies.

I have been lucky enough to try some of Loavies clothing over the last month or so. They gifted me a few items, including the top in these images. I hadn’t heard of them before however I am pretty much spending all my money on their site now. They do a really good mixture of trends, colourful pieces and absolute wardrobe staples. The also have a kind student price point meaning more clothing for your money. But the thing I love most about Loavies is that their clothing is a really good quality. In my last fashion post I talked about their leather shorts (click here to find the post) and they are so soft, fleece lined and are the definition of comfort.

For the second hand lovers…. Depop

For ages I wasn’t bothered about using Depop. I thought it was just notorious for ONO (or nearest offers), people being unreal with price cuts and there is huge silvery with eBay that I wasn’t really fussed. However after seeing so many other bloggers using it I have been not stop looking on it ever since. A lot of the clothing is new or only worn once. It has the easiest messaging system and it seems like a lot of bloggers use it to get rid of their items that they simply don’t want going to a bad home of landfill. Have you seen something on Instagram you like? It will be on Depop. It means unloved items goes to second homes where they will be valued, and you get some of your money back, of find new gems. It’s a win-win situation.

For the Vintage lovers… Shop Stressesd

This shop came to my attention by Anna Newton in this blog post of hers. After spending a fair it of time going in and out of vintage stores in Paris, I wanted to have a look for some online ones. I am SO glad I did my research here because its the dreamiest vintage store OUT THERE. Very Parisienne, very much for the neutral lovers, and its so reasonably priced. I need to be careful, because there are a load of knits that creep up on it and we know how much I love a good jumper… New items come out every Monday with a mix of home pieces and clothing. 

This is the one when you have given up on shops you have been attached to for years.

For the mid price lovers… Sezane 

I haven’t actually bought anything from Sezane. But I do a lot and I mean A LOT of window shopping on there. I am saving for a nice cardigan from Sezane. They are probably the priciest shop on this list however I wanted to include a list of stores that covered everything. It’s very minimal but very gorgeous. There are high quality basics, broad collections and are fitting for any age group. 

For the sustainability lovers… Thought Clothing

It’s pretty much in their name as thought clothing sell pieces that are more considerate about their clothing. They motivate people to live more sustainably, one way being the way we dress. From nightwear, to every day work wear Thought do some gorgeous and mature pieces that will ve perfect for your work wardrobe (once we are actually back to work).

All in all, I hope that this has given your brain a little thought as to where you should try shopping, if you want a bit of a refresh. 

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    Thanks for the great suggestions Emily! I will definitely be having a look at these websites! x

    Lucy | http://www.lucymary.co.uk

  2. Kaitlin says:

    I’m always looking for new clothing websites to check out! I feel like sometimes I get stuck in a rut and need new inspiration. Loved this! Thanks

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