Leather Shorts Are The Transitional Piece We All Need

Go on girlllll get your legs out and get a pair of leather shorts in your life… 

This post includes gifted items however I am under no obligation to post – all gifted items will be tagged with a *. 
Go on girlllll get your legs out and get a pair of leather shorts in your life…

Yesterday we had the first sunny AND WARM day of 2020. I couldn’t believe it, it was absolutely lush outside, and I managed to walk to the gym without a coat. Of curse, today as I am writing this its gone back to absolutely pissing it down. But I am going to go on the more half glass full side of things and talk about transitional clothing as if we are going to have days like that again. Transitional clothing is now becoming a thing as the days get longer. We can put away those puffer coats (goodbye old friend) and not have to think about wearing 50 layers to keep ourselves warm. 

I have been very weary of my fashion consumption, for personal reasons mainly. I keep saying how I need to learn how to buy bits I won’t just wear once. Its also a matter of I don’t have a huge amount of wardrobe space so I need to be careful that my rails don’t collapse. But there is one trend that I believe is such a wearable transition piece that is here to stay for the foreseeable. For a start I walked into uni today and two of my friends were both wearing leather shorts. So I think its agreed they are a bit of a staple. Admittedly, I don’t think that we wink be styling these shorts without a pair of tights, however its a slow transition from the whole wearing tights under jeans scenario that we see in winter. 

I am a great lover of neutral tones. It is something that I am falling in love with more and more each day, which I think you can tell if you follow my Insta (ALSO I hit 10K on Insta!!). From the rusts to the sand colours picking anything neutral toned to add to your wardrobe will always be a good investment as it goes with pretty much anything. 

The shorts in specific question are these Loavies Camel Shorts*. They are one, probably the comfiest pair of shorts that I own. And two, damn BEAUTIFUL. They are high waisted, elasticated, have a zip and belt and look fab with anything. So pretty much a girls dream. I have been wearing these more and more lately, matching it with jumpers, tights and my biker boots. One thing I love is that they are really unexpectedly easy to style. I know this shade of camel is quite bold, slightly bolder than your normal neutral shade. However the rust tone sits really well with white or black jumpers, other beige tones and shades of green. 

Go on girlllll get your legs out and get a pair of leather shorts in your life…

Mine are in size small and they fit like a dream. Because of the elasticated waist you can easily tuck jumpers in, or even better – where them to a big ass meal and NOT look bloated. Saving you their girls.

Personally, I would style them with black tights, or a thicker pair of skin coloured tights and if its a bit nippy (lets be honest its the UK so it will be) a pair of boots would look lush. They would also look really nice with a bit of denim. Wearing a knit with these shorts is a good idea, however you won’t want to cover up with a thick coat in Spring. Either a blue denim or black denim jacket would contrast against the leather look well. 

Go on girlllll get your legs out and get a pair of leather shorts in your life…

Loavies ins’t the only place to get yours hands on a pair of leather shorts though. Admittedly they do have a few different colours and styles, so I would 100% take a gander at their site. However I know that some places to keep an eye on would be Zara and Primark. If you are like me, and want to be a bit more weary of the amount you are buying for Spring, then defiantly look at different styles. Do you want a pair with a belt? Do you want a button up or a size up? What colour or pattern do you want? I have seen some that are croc print and some that are slightly more rigid. If you are looking for comfort though these ones I am wearing are well worth the purchase. 

Shorts – Loavies*

Jumper – Loavies*

Tights – Pretty Polly*

Boots – Sisters and Seekers 

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3 responses to “Leather Shorts Are The Transitional Piece We All Need”

  1. Andrea says:

    Wow,was für ein schönes Outfit.Du siehst toll aus.Die Shorts haben eine schöne Farbe.Besonders gefällt mir deine Strumpfhose.
    Mit dem Herzenmuster find ich die so süss.Trägst du sollche gemusterten Strumpfhosen gern?Ich hab auch ein paar davon im Schrank
    und trage sie öfter mal ganz gern.Natürlich muss das Outfit passen.
    Viele Grüsse

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