The Perfect Cardigan – It Exists

The Zara cardigan that I just HAD to buy in Paris and the best way to style it…

The Zara cardigan that I just HAD to buy in Paris and the best way to style it...

Its a well known that that I even did a whole blog post about the other week (seek here) that I struggle dressing for spring. Its that time of year where there is still a bit of a chill around, but the next day it could be t-shirt and shorts weather. You would have thought that bring British we would have accustomed to it. That switch from my winter to spring wardrobe hasn’t happened yet *thank GOD* so I am taking this time to prepare myself and find some items that will be bring staples. I am in a ‘no spending march’ at the moment. Unfortunately there are some details of life like petrol, dentist and coffee stops that just can’t be avoided. But when I was in Paris (before my spending ban) I picked up a few things, like the cardigan in question for Spring. 

Zara is a bit of a funny one. It is a shop that I ADORE, and could happily select my whole wardrobe from their brand. But its also a shop where you can get some right bargains, or find the most expensive leather jacket on the high street. I mean we all have our flaws, so Zara, I forgive you. However Zara is a store I often have a craving just to browse around. Its a mixture of chic and minimalistic items that have that Parisian style edge that a lot of high end brands showcase. They collate together some of the most loved styles in trends and that cosy side too. To me its my dream brand.

But I know a lot of people tend not to look at Zara. For example, even going onto their website can be a bit of a nightmare. Even though its aesthetically pleasing, its a NIGHTMARE to navigate. I even saw a tweet the other day (which I now can’t find and its SUPER annoying) about how Zara literally can be the most affordable place ever, or a place you go to for a treat as its so expensive. However I think the mix is really good at marketing to their audience that you can buy both cheap and expensive clothing. 

The Zara cardigan that I just HAD to buy in Paris and the best way to style it...

Anyway, if you find that tweet then let me know. But onto the actual part of the blog post where we discuss the cardigan. I have always had an array of cardigans in my wardrobe. Whether its basic long line grey ones to through on at home, a black one to pop on when you go somewhere, or a bright green one from urban outfitters that destroy your bank account. Yeah, I am still asking myself why on that one. A cardigan is a good all round outfit filler. You can layer it under coats and over turtle necks in the winter. Possibly style it with a little lace body suit or bralette when its date night. Or through it on over a tee when its that weather that leaves you wondering whether its really as hot as it looks outside. I think you are getting the idea here…

I have always been one to buy cardigans though and where them a few times and then forget about them. Please refer to example A of said green Urban Outfitters jumper. So why am I buying more? You or my mum might ask me. Well I kind of fell in loved with this Zara jumper when I was in Paris. It is as simple as that. I know I can’t use that motto every day or else I would be in a considerable amount of debt. But when looking around Zara in Paris (we went to four different ones so we had a good mooch) my eyes kept landing on this cardigan.

I think the stock actually changed whilst we were there as there were a load of pieces that I saw on the first day and then couldn’t find again. I know this saved my bank account but my heart got broken slightly. So buying this cardigan seemed to be the only way out of this situation. (I hope you can somewhat sense my sarcasm and humour here). 

But all jokes aside, this jumper is now going to be a spring staple of mine. I am learning that if I stick to neutral colours in my wardrobe and I am more likely to go back and rewear that item more times. I do love a pop of colour but its simply something that I don’t drift too that much. In store I only saw this jumper in beige but I know online there are several other colours. In fact, I got it in the last Zara that we went into and it was the only one left. Clearly it must have been fate. 

The Zara cardigan that I just HAD to buy in Paris and the best way to style it...

I have mentioned a few ways above on how to style a cardigan for pretty much any season. This jumper would go really well with some washed blacked jeans, a white tee and converse. I can even see myself pulling it over a bikini at the beach in the evenings during summer. But the side detailing to create the wrap of the jumper just adds that detail to pull it aside from any other cardigan. Its sophisticated, gorgeous and damn right easy to style. I went for the leather trackies, black turtle neck and biker boot situation. I did feel like my legs looked perhaps too long in it, but I did feel very stylish. When in doubt just add a bit of faux leather right? 

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