How To Prepare For The Ultimate Fashion Week

Get your checklists ready and here is how to prepare for the ultimate fashion week…

Get your checklists ready and here is how to prepare for the ultimate fashion week…

We are currently in that time of year where all the fashion weeks are being carried out all around Europe and everyone is dragging their most extravagant outfits and heels out the closet. Having been to London Fashion Week this time last year, and this year I am off to Paris Fashion Week. YES PARIS FASHION WEEK. Can you tell I am bloody excited?! If you haven’t been to a fashion week before and want to go, or plan to have a nosey then let me tell you something. It is very much different to your usual press trip, or brand event. Its full of strutting, street style shots, BTS hush-hush events that are extremely exclusive. Oh and a hell of a lot of coffee trips. It is also very much a minefield for Instagram shots. Even if you don’t get into any of the events you are able to just taste the atmosphere by standing outside of the shows locations. Get those instagram likes girl. 

So whether it is London Fashion Week, Paris like me, or somewhere else on the globe and want to know the absolute essentials about fashion week then listen up. I plan to cover everything from whether you are going and taking street style shots, or go to the shows. You name it, you will be prepared. However I will warn you, if you have never been before then there is no preparing you because the shear scale of it is huge. But it is also one of the best experiences for the fashion lovers out there. 

Get your checklists ready and here is how to prepare for the ultimate fashion week…


So no matter what you are planning to do at FW you will need to sort out your transport before hand. I am going to be purchasing my metro card straight off of getting off the plane, but your transport might include making sure you have the Uber app downloaded, or you have the bus or train timetable screenshotted on your phone. London, Paris or wherever you maybe, will be BUSY. There is a lot of moving in different locations, running to get the tubes in time to get to the right shows. Oh and the transport from one Starbucks to another is essential of course. 

Get your checklists ready and here is how to prepare for the ultimate fashion week…

Pack For All Weathers

Lets be realistic. It’s February. For all we know it could snow next week, it could absolutely piss it down, or we could be bathed in some gorgeous winter sun. You never know. Pack your umbrella and your sunglasses because trust me… you will need them. 


You can’t just get into the shows. If it worked like that then all HELL would break lose. So getting tickets takes a lot of organisation. Some shows are even invite only, but its obvious if you want some you have the be mega prepared. Put them in a secure plastic wallet and make sure you know the address of the shows. Last year at London we had to do a bit of research into each location and then ended up rushing too and through across London every day. The FW exhaustion was real. 

Business Cards

This is something that I am in fact doing this year for the first time (because I actually bothered to pay £30 for some) and I know that when it comes to it I will probably get all shy handing them out. However its a great way to get in contact with people. If you take someones photo they might want your contact details so they can get a hold of it. If you want to make some industry contacts you can’t get anywhere else then THIS IS YOUR MOMENT. Stop worrying about your font, the quality and just do it. 

Portable Charger

You are playing a very risky game if you don’t invest and take a portable charger with you. FW will leave you constantly scrolling through Instagram, posting updates… you get the idea. You don’t want to get to 3PM before the next show and realise you have 1% left. Charge your phone up over night and then bring your portable charger (and charging cable!!) With you for the day.

Camera & Memory Card

It is an absolute necessity if you wish to take photos and not miss a moment. Last year we took a lot of street style shots of trends for articles and assignments because it is the perfect chance to see what people will be wearing over the next season. Just don’t forget your charger, or your SD card. Make sure you SD card is formatted before hand so you can take as many photos. I used a 128GB because I shoot in RAW which gives me about 4000 photos worth. But trust me, at fashion week you will do this in a day.

Blister Plasters

A must!! Blister plasters will be your BFF, your absolute saviour and whether you are playing it safe with flats or trekking out in heels you will need these bad boys. I am currently sat here with some gorgeous Kurt Geiger boots on but my regular plasters are not doing the job. Get those Compeed ones. 

But most importantly, fashion week days are LONG AF days. You will be moaning about how tired you are and trust me fashion week tired is a whole new level of tired. It is super super busy and you will also be star struck to the absolute max. Last year in London I saw Victoria Magrath from In The Frow, the whole cast of Sex Education, Nick Grimshaw and Alexa Chung. Yeah it was big and I got such a buzz. So let me know. Are you planning on any fashion weeks? Have you been to one? Or do you just think its a bit of an Instagram fad? If you have any fashion week tips then leave them in the comments below.  

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