The Denim Guide

The essential denim guide to buying jeans and actually getting them to fit… FOR ONCE.

The essential denim guide to buying jeans and actually getting them to fit… FOR ONCE.

If you take a look into my bedroom, currently you will find at least three pairs of jeans just hung over the back of my chair (because I am too lazy to put them back in my wardrobe because I know they will be worn again). Jeans are pretty much the metaphorical equivalent to the loves of our lives. Think about it. If you find a pair that is suited to you, goes with you well, compliments you, is reliable and can trust on it when things go to shit then its love. They work for anyone of any age and gender and can be styled for almost every occasion. Okay, so don’t go to a wedding or black tie event in them… BUT you get what I mean. Once you have found that pair you’’l spend the rest of your life relying on them and its just a love that won’t give up. Who needs a man when you have a decent pair of denim on you right? Here’s why I wanted to right a denim guide…

Jeans pretty much make the foundation of my wardrobe but lets be honest, shopping for denim is Tricky with a capital T. Because its one of the most well-worn pieces in our wardrobes we have a certain amount of pressure to make a good decision and buy the right one. This means finding the right fabric, fit, cut, wash, shape and ‘reasonable’ price tag.

My jeans have cropped up on a daily basis on my Instagram as 90% of my outfits revolve around them. But I struggle to find a good fitting pair of jeans as my little was it but big thighs and hips means I am either left with a 5 inch gap on my waistline or my legs feeling like the circulation is being cut off. However I have found the perfect brand for me, and I hope that this little guide will steer you into the right direction of finding yours.

The essential denim guide to buying jeans and actually getting them to fit… FOR ONCE.


Know your size. If you carry a measuring tape in your handbag then I applaud you – and somewhat question it – however for those like me who don’t measure yourself before you even think about shopping. Especially if you like to do your shopping from the comfort of your own bed. The majority of jeans are sold by the inch around the waist and leg length. Not all brands do this – however I find that the are slightly better quality than jeans that just go in regular UK sizes.

For me, if I shop for jeans at a regular UK size then I cannot get a perfect fit. A UK size 8 does not go well on my thighs, but a UK size 10 ends up needing a good resistant belt to keep them up. I normally aim for a 26 inch waist, but my recent binge of chocolate doesn’t help that. I know, I am going through that chocolate craving stage. So by grabbing yourself a measuring tape before you shop, you are saving yourself the hassle of trying on hundreds of pairs, or sending a load back. 

Research the fit. From cropped flares, a classic skinny or the trusty mom jean, the possibilities of styles is endless. However, as much as I love a good mom jean, I know they don’t suit me. I am currently obsessed with a straight leg situ however for some people I know it won’t suit. You want to find a good pair of jeans that will compliment you not leave you feeling like you have tree trunks for legs (which you definitely do not BTW). But also look at what you tend to drift naturally too. Do you like a good slim fitting one? What do you wear most often? Does it make you feel comfortable? Will it be versatile with the rest of your clothes? Have a scroll through Instagram and see what you have been drooling over, and become aware of the styles yours favourite bloggers are wearing. 


You will find more styles online. There is nothing easier than going into the shop, to try before you buy. It saves the hassle of having to repackage everything to send back if it doesn’t fit. And who doesn’t enjoy a little R&R shopping trip and try on session? But when it comes to some stores denim buying can actually be easier online.

As mentioned above, if you actually measure yourself you will be reducing the risk of the chances of it not fitting. But also you can find more styles online. Take Topshop for example (my denim go-to). Unless you are shopping in Oxford Street, the stores won’t stock every style of jean. If I know I need to resize myself then I will go in and try a pair on for size. However the majority of my shopping will be done online because they only store a handful of styles in store. 

Really make sure they fit. If you are investing in a good pair of jeans, then they need to fit properly. I always spend a little bit more on my jeans than any other piece in my wardrobe because I know that I will get good wear to of them and that they need to last. But you don’t want to be spending that money for them to lose their shape, or not be that PERFECT fit. Can you bend over in them? Can you squat in them… or better the ‘jean lunge’ as I like to call it. Do they give you a saggy crotch or camel toe? By far the worst sentence I have ever written but you need to think about these things. 

Don’t diss second hand. There is nothing better than a vintage pair of jeans. Okay, you will have to get out from under the covers here. However second hand shops or outlets are a good denim gold mine and you will find some beautiful vintage pieces. They will be unique styles you don’t dee anywhere else and they never have a massive piece tag. If you know you want a straight leg, washed denim and something thats a little vintage and worn, then skip the shops and go straight to second hand.  

The essential denim guide to buying jeans and actually getting them to fit… FOR ONCE.

My Go To Jeans

There is no hiding that I purchase my denim jeans from one place and one place only. And that is Topshop. Topshop I find just fits me really well. For some people it doesn’t. I have had many a conversation with my friends about jeans and literally every brand fits everyone differently. But for me, someone who has really struggles to get jeans to fit around my waist and legs, Topshop hits the nail on the head each time.

So my holy grail jeans are forever and always the Topshop Bleach Wash Rip Hem Straight Jeans. If you are a regular to my Instagram then I do wear them at least twice a week. But can I just say the fit around the bum is FINE. Like ultimate peach goals! They are perfectly tight around the areas it needs to be. Then the straight leg is comfortable in the areas it needs to be. The straight leg life is very much one people are jumping onto and they go through years worth of washes and still hold their shape. 

And other favourite – Topshop again SHOCK – is the Topshop Washed Black Jamie Skinny Jeans. So I know there was the whole Jamie or Joni jeans debate but I firmly sit on the Jamie side and I am proud of that. If you want a good authentic skinny jean then these are the ones. They have a good amount of stretch in them. This means they are perfect if you are going out for a good hearty meal and you know you will bloat. But I also think that having at least one pair of skinny jeans is essential because you can throw them on with anything. Hungover maccies breakfast trip? Skinny jeans and a hoodie. Nice blouse and jean scenario? Skinny goes best. See what I mean? ESSENTIAL. 

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