Essential Ways On How To Boost Your Winter Wardrobe

Sometimes in this drab weather we just want a little something something more to boost our winter wardrobe right?

Sometimes in this drab weather we just want a little something something more to boost our winter wardrobe right?

I feel you. Its nearly the middle of February. Shops aren’t stocking ‘the best’ of Winter fashion anymore as we are in that awkward midway period between winter and spring. But the weather is still hitting 0C and is absolutely pissing it down at every given minute. Fashion inspiration is something of the past and our winter wardrobes are being filled with hoodies and leggings. YES I FEEL YOU. I always get that ‘mid-season’ wobble when it comes to dressing. It feels as if there is no definite trends, and even though its march in roughly 20 days time it doesn’t feel like spring whatsoever. But I think one of the best ways to really spice up this dull period in time is to add that little extra piece in your wardrobe. Think of it as a little pick me up, and an inspiration to get out those tracksuit bottoms you have been wearing for the last week. Don’t worry that has been me too. 

Sometimes in this drab weather we just want a little something something more to boost our winter wardrobe right?
Sometimes in this drab weather we just want a little something something more to boost our winter wardrobe right?

Play With Patterns

You know what is all the range? And something I am currently starting to obsess over? Patterned tights. Yep. Love them. They are just so damn CUTE. I have a pair with little hearts all over, and I have seen the classic polka dotted tights too. I mean you could *really* splash the cash and get the patterned Gucci tights that Instagram is currently drooling over. Me, personally, would never spend that much money on tights simply because I am destined to catch them or get a hole in them in a matter of no time. But one place that is cracking for a cute pair of patterned tights? Good ol’ classic Primark. Three pairs for under a fiver and they do the job perfectly.

But it doesn’t just have to be tights. This could involve playing around with different knitted pieces. For example, why stick to a classic jumper when you can get a cute one from Zara with some tiny pom poms on like this one. Absolutely gorgeous if you ask me and going straight in my basket. Sometimes you can play around with patterns in the most subtle way. Patterns don’t mean IN YOU FACE designs all the time. 

Shoes For The Win

Winter is the time to appreciate the boots. If you don’t have at least one nice heeled boot in your winter wardrobe then you really have some reconsidering to do. But I also guarantee that you have plenty of shoes that you have pushed to the back of your wardrobe and forgotten about. I have recently started wearing my chunky trainers again because I wore the twice and then just kinda put them away. Get pinteresting for some converse outfit ideas, or just trying shaping up what you have and have forgotten about. 

Accessories Can Make An Outfit

I used to be such a nightmare for forgetting to wear accessories. I know, call myself a fashion blogger – insert eye roll. But now, I try and add accessories everyday because by wearing different styles each day, you can feel like a different person. I try and do a mix between gold one day and then silver the next. It makes you feel as if you have bought a new necklace or something when you haven’t. I have a LOT of silver jewellery I don’t maximise the use of because my natural instinct goes gold. However I have been attempting to mix up the both of them so that I can jazz up outfits differently. 

But if you are lacking in the accessories department then they can be dead cheap and not break your bank. There are so many affordable places to buy pieces like scarfs, hats, earrings, you name it. I love Lovisa for jewellery as they do so many good offers. You can get like 5 pairs of lush earrings for £12. But you don’t have to be getting high end jewellery to satisfy an outfit. Primark is a go to for headbands. I love a good hair band as they are GENIUS for disguising greasy hair and they are so trendy. I have a few in my winter wardrobe.

Give Layering A Go

I have been starting to try out more and more styles which involves layering and I think its a genius way to wear pieces in new ways. For your winter wardrobe you can take a cardigan that you have had for years, layer it with a turtleneck, and a leather jacket. So chic. Or take a maxi dress, roll it down, add a white tee over the top with a knot in the front and you have a cute maxi shirt and tee outfit. This takes some experimenting and I often find using Pinterest of Instagram helps with getting inspo. Put some thermal layers under your top. Add a jacket under your coat and rock that look. Layering is so in at the moment with styles like the knitted crop over a shirt look dominating my instagram feed. And the best thing about layering is that you can alter it to match you own style as its so versatile. 

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