Why I Am Not Ready For Spring Fashion

I am not ready for spring fashion, I just want to embrace coat season a little bit longer please.

I am not ready for spring fashion, I just want to embrace coat season a little bit longer please.

I know we have literally just gotten out of January, after the 100 days it seemed to feel like, and that we are still very much in winter (since its 1C outside). But I can guarantee you now, you will blink and it will soon be April. The month where I am pretty much off uni completely until we have to go back for deadlines. The month where we consume our body weight in chocolate. And the month we can start properly thinking about spring dressing. April is one of the funny months that you just cannot dress easily. One minute it’s raining #AprilShowers and the next you are having the first heatwave of the year. Spring fashion is just a funny one.

I think if I had to rank the seasons in order, I would have to say spring is at the bottom of the list. Its just a bit odd to me. There is nothing *big* to look forward to – and I suppose because I have only recently been through education, its always been just a period of hardcore studying. Like Christmas is done, New Years gone out with a bang, and then NOTHING until summer and relaxing gonna beach. 

But I know for a lot of people, spring will roll on collective sighs of relief. That during winter, when the days are short AF, and the weather has been damn-right miserable that Spring is almost the light at the tunnel. And for them, it means the summer wardrobe can start slowly taking over the winter wardrobe. But for me this is a bit of an eye roll moment. Why? Because I HATE spring dressing.

I really don’t need to preach it from the roof top, because I already sound like a broken record but I have an obsession with coats. They are like my babies. And with the warmer weather rolling in when spring hits, I will have to put them into hibernation. And I am not kidding either, I am a solid winter dresser. Layer, upon layers, and scarfs wrapped around so many times you feel like the Michelin man, its what I like. That cosy feeling you get when you wear the softest Teddy bear coat, and that comfiness of the winter boot you have been longing for. And if you agree then I get you I really do. Although, I am lucky as living in the UK prolongs the cold days we get – its something I miss when spring comes around. 

But you know spring is coming around when you can leave the trench coat and bobble hat at home. And I am left feeling a bit like ‘Ugh what do I wear?’. I find spring trends a bit cliche and not very long lasting. Its all pastel colours, featuring pinks, purple and blues. Once upon a time ago, that would have been my vibe. Okay, so not that long ago. But in the last year or so of really discovering my style, I have grown out of that phase. So the stereotypical spring colours we see littered over the high street leaves me wondering what the hell do I actually wear? 

I know that one way to try and defeat this funk is to keep an eye on the trends, and then really sort off what I want. Like I said, I have been discovering my style and I know for a fact that I like to stick to the monochromes, and the neutral colours. Boring I know, but my kind of style. Sometimes I need to remind myself when looking through H&M that even though that pink jumper is pretty, I won’t wear it. 

I am not ready for spring fashion, I just want to embrace coat season a little bit longer please.
I am not ready for spring fashion, I just want to embrace coat season a little bit longer please.

I also feel that with trends , they change so damn quickly that even though we get sucked into them you will never catch up. I know the pressures of this far too well as a blogger, however inn spring I get lost with this too. Trends aren’t so big. You are waiting for that summer bikini trend, that high heel strapped show for summer parties. But spring leaves you waiting for that. And in the mean time, I am still without a decent wardrobe. 

The year, I want to get out of this funk – and I hope that you see a load of Spring fashion styling posts. If you do, then you will know I have truly embraced this change. If you don’t… ah well, I will be reading as many blog posts as I can to motivate myself. 

I am also going to make sure that I stick to my mainstream wardrobe pieces. You know the basic tees, the denim skirts, the converse and the leather jackets. I mean when it doubt get your basics out right? 

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