I Thought My Wardrobe Was Complete Until I Found This Coat

Shock… Emily is writing another post about another coat… LOL here we go.

I Thought My Wardrobe Was Complete Until I Found This Coat

I am definitely considering maybe starting a side blog… or another platform dedicated to my love for coats because if you can’t tell from this post, this post, this post or this post, I LOVE A GOOD COAT. So I think it might be a wise decision for 2020 to just express my love for them on another platform so you might just get some non-coat related content for once. So you might think that this is somewhat of a repetition of all the coat posts I have ever done before, but I have so many questions about this coat which I will be gossiping about that I had to put it down into a post. 

Today, as I am writing it the weather is actually OK for once. Like the UK’s weather this winter has been pretty damn miserable – making an blogger/influencers life really easy… Not. But because of that coats are pretty much an essential. Just to make sure you don’t catch hypothermia or whatever. 

But last year I started talking about being more conscious about the clothes I bought. I will throw my hands up and firmly say I used to buy stuff and then not wear them. Sometimes I still do, or have the remnants of that time in my life still in my wardrobe. I read a lot of Anna Newton’s posts about having a capsule wardrobe and I have realised that I need to be buying the essentials and sticking to one colour palette. Admittedly, I wear a lot of black, white, grey and neutrals which I know is BORING but it is a safe bet to make sure everything goes.

With my style maturing a bit, I was pretty settled before Christmas that I had everything I wanted. Bar leather leggings which I have now purchased as my last ones got too big. I have also been trying to buy more consciously about quality too. But for those of use who most likely 100% won’t marry a millionaire or are born into royalty, getting the highest quality e.g designer clothes isn’t accessible. With all this in mind, I am basically just trying to save a bit of money. By spending wisely on high quality but not bankrupting places. The higher the quality, the smaller the chance of having to buy is again. Logic eh??

I Thought My Wardrobe Was Complete Until I Found This Coat

I was pretty content with my wardrobe. Until I saw this coat. In H&M. And the rest is history. I don’t want to justify having this coat in my wardrobe… because I did simply just want it. However I have never owned a teddy bear coat and I wanted something similar. Not proper teddy bear material. But something a bit fluffier and cosier. This fitted my terrible description pretty well. 

Granted, I was in the fortunate position that my birthday and Christmas fall within a week of each other. So I got it for my birthday from my grandparents. But seriously this coat was one of the best presents I received because I honestly can’t stop wearing it. After wearing it for the shoot to get the photos for this post – Lauren who I was taking photos with – loved it so much she went and bought it herself. If that doesn’t say something about how lush it is then I don’t know what does…

So this coat. The teddy bear coat has been a major staple in shops and wardrobes for the past two years AT LEAST. So you know by buying one you are making a good investment. This H&M one is more on the faux fur end of the spectrum as apposed to proper teddy bear material but I think it makes it a little bougie. Like ‘this coat looks £100 but actually was more like £50’.

I knew I was going to get sucked into the whole teddy bear coat trend because I think it is a staple for anyone, let alone for a fashion blogger. The cream colour has slotted perfectly into my whole idea of being neutrals. And I had a bit of an itch to get a white/cream coloured coat. I have a black coat, the classic camel coat but sometimes there is a need for a white one. You get me? Its hard to explain if you don’t but it was a bit of an urge. 

I Thought My Wardrobe Was Complete Until I Found This Coat

But words cannot describe how SOFT this coat is. I even went to the cinema in the holidays and used it as a blanket… so yes it is blanket soft. Its that kind of item you go around and go ‘Just feel how soft my coat is – go on ‘ave a feel’. But because you know it will most likely be on trend next year, the investment in it, if you were to buy it, is well worth it. But the best thing about that… is that its not even that pricey. 

I mean I think *it was a gift* my grandparents bought it during the sales so it is more expensive now. However it is only £59.99. Which in my opinion for a coat this thick, fluffy and high quality it pretty damn decent. H&M also do 10% discount for any H&M member. It is free to sign up and you can do it within minutes. So its well worth doing that if you think of purchasing it. Another money saving tip is that H&M do a clothing recycle scheme where you can take back a bag of clothes and get a £5 voucher. SAVING YOU THAT MONEY BABE. 

I have been wearing it with a role neck white jumper (also H&M can you tell what my favourite store is) and my blue washed Topshop Straight Jeans. The perfect combo in my opinion. 

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