It’s Okay To Feel The January Blues, But Here’s How To Deal With It

Are you ready for a big ol’ ramble about the January blues and that bitch that it entails? Don’t worry though I have some tips… 

Are you ready for a big ol’ ramble about the January blues and that bitch that it entails? Don’t worry though I have some tips…

Sometimes we put on this front that you have to be positive all the time… like if you break that smile it will be the end of the world… but news flash we aren’t robots! January is that time of year where we are all coming to the fact that the celebrations are over. We are back to work with colleagues we might or might not like. There isn’t a whole lot to look forward to until the weather gets a tad bit warmer. But being honest that won’t happen for a good few months. We know this time as the January Blues.

My Instagram feed and Instagram story feed is filled with motivational mantras about the new year. That or the latest Gavin and Stacey meme that is still flooding the internet after the Christmas special. (P.S WASN’T IT GOOD?!). And sometimes social media might be to blame because we should be posting our most glamorous and happy lives. Nobody posts the down sides of their lives, or if they do its just skimmed over. No we just see the holidays, the birthdays and the dreamy outfits.

But right now we are back into the first proper working week of January. Everyone is going back to work, school, uni the boring bits of life etc… Back to the umbrellas breaking on the walk to the bus stop, the battles on said bus to get a seat, and then seeing the monster queue in Starbucks meaning your day gets worse having to forgo that Carmel latte that persuaded you to get out of bed. Its shit right? We get it… January is just a big NO. 

Are you ready for a big ol’ ramble about the January blues and that bitch that it entails? Don’t worry though I have some tips…

So lets think about it. The New Year hangovers have *only just* worn off. And we are chucked back into reality like a ton of bricks. There is still three months of winter aka horrid weather to get through and I’m A Celeb isn’t on our screens anymore, its a pretty miserable month. But to admit that its not the best month is okay. Or to admit you are looking forward to a fresh start and January is that for you, then thats okay too! We all know the January blues too much. We all would rather buy under our duvets, eating all the chocolate coins we got at Christmas and watching reruns of Gossip Girl. Trust me… I would love to hibernate like that. 

Naturally I am a bit of a half-glass empty person. But after a few life changes I feel a bit revived. So I thought I would mix this blog post up and start looking at how we can beat those January blues. But I am not going to sit here either and say you have to do this to feel positive or that you have to feel positive at all. Its that irritating/patronising sentiment that is like the saying ‘You look so miserable, if the wind changes your face will stay like that’. Please I know my resting bitch face is a good one, you don’t have to remind me. But this is just what I would do if I am feeling like I need a little pick me up or a ‘it will be okay’ reminder. 

Are you ready for a big ol’ ramble about the January blues and that bitch that it entails? Don’t worry though I have some tips…

Understand It Is Okay To Have A Little Cry And Do Absolutely Nothing

I know wallowing in a ball of self pity is sometimes not the best long term solution. But bottling things up and just trying to move on can often make things worse. Sometimes you just need a good cry. Let it out girl. Sometimes it just feels like a weight lifted off your shoulders, you have released all that pent up emotion. Admitting to wanting to do absolutely nothing, crawl into bed, out on your favourite film and order a fat dominos is the god send you didn’t know it was. Or if your form of admitting this is to get up, go to the gym and sweat it all off then thats okay too. In a weird kind of way if you need to do what you need to do then you might feel a million times better for it. 

Tidy mind, tidy house eh?

Right, okay. I know you might be screaming at me right now and go ‘NO, IT’S TOO CLICHE’ and I am sorry. You probably saw it from a mile of. But I really think that this is a bit of a no brainer. Considering I worked in a hotel cleaning for three years, one thing I am particularly bad at is keep my bedroom decluttered. Clean isn’t the issue. I just dump everything on my floor, or clothes onto the back of my chair, until its so much you can’t see my floor or the chair falls over due to the sheer weight. I realise not everyone might be like this. Or have an issue with clutter, but it is just so refreshing to have a clear out.

Sunday just gone, I spent a good couple of hours doing… well all that. I cleaned out all the clutter. Sorted out the Christmas/birthday presents I got, cleaned my makeup brushes, cleaned off my desk so it now looks like a desk, sorted out clothes for charity. It involved a lot of chocolate eating, numerous Instagram procrastinating feed scrolls and a lot of motivation but it just feels good to be done. And I feel better for it. Sometimes doing something like that will just take your mind away from anything else you have on, and you are being productive in the mean time!

But if you aren’t happy, and you just want January to be over and done with, then don’t force anything. If you are having a bad day, then allow yourself to get it out your system. We all get them. But if it happens often, then talk to someone. There is people who will be more than happy to help. 

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4 responses to “It’s Okay To Feel The January Blues, But Here’s How To Deal With It”

  1. Joy says:

    Wonderful and very useful post. I am already feeling blue to be honest and sometimes, it’s really hard to deal with it cause I am so busy with work and university! I love the advices you gave

    • Emily Clare says:

      I totally understand you! January is a bitch for uni because there is always deadlines…. like happy new year here is a deadline for you! Keep going girl! Sometimes uni work can be a bit of a distraction? x

  2. Lucy says:

    I loved reading this Emily! The January blues get to a lot of us and it does bring us down. I’m somebody who despises January as some people seem miserable and I think we do get the Christmas blues! But I’m trying to be a bit more positive this month and get motivated to do things and plan for the next few months ahead! x

    Lucy | http://www.lucymary.co.uk

    • Emily Clare says:

      Thank you so much Lucy! January always does seem like such a long month! But yes! Sometimes planning stuff for the future can help! x

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