The 2019 Send Off

GOODBYE TWENTY NINETEEN… Let’s send you off in style.

The 2019 Send Off

2019? Well I don’t want to start this blog post on a bit of a downer but yeah, I am glad you are over. I think I mentioned this in another blog post how I feel like the whole ‘nineteen’ thing jinxed my year as it wasn’t the best year of my existence. But I mean 2018 was a pretty damn good one so it would have been hard to trump that really. With me saying this, I am really looking forward to 2020 – I just have that good feeling about it yah know? So I thought I would try and take the positives out of 2019 and do a little send off summary. Because at the end of the day even thought it has been a hard ass year, everyone in my life is now healthy and *somewhat* happy and if I could have that and more in 2020 then I would be very grateful. There was also a lot of coastal walks which is always a must for the new year right??


In January I spent most of the month completing my fist semester at university. I even got my first ever first in my module! Being a perfectionist through and through this was possibly the only outcome I would have been happy with. But now I am writing this half way through my degree like WHAT THE HELL. That was just my first semester and I am going through the real deal. Still university got me through a horrid heartbreak and my uni mates are literally the best so spending the whole month doing uni work was actually a blessing. 


Well February was one of the most exciting times because I went to London Fashion Week. YES the big LFW! We went through university and I really found myself in my element. We went to the shows, we swanned around London finding all the instagram hotspots and we also spent many of the nights in the hostel night club singing and dancing with our lecturers. I was quite nervous before hand because I have been to London but never on my own. I felt like I fitted right in and now I can’t wait to try and go to more. 

The 2019 Send Off


In march I smashed another lot of university deadlines, we celebrated my mums 21st birthday (LOL she would kill me if I put her age in), and the weather was rather lush too which included the first proper beach trip of the year on mothers day. Oh and I also dyed my silver… but when am I not dying my hair lets be honest….


Surprise surprise uni deadlines feature again (but I got a lush three weeks off afterwards) so I spent most of April gorging on chocolate. It was my Dad’s birthday in April so we went to one of my favourite places Hope Cove for a meal. It will always be one of my fave meal locations. I got my hair dyed again and went even more silver. We had the annual point to point horse racing event in the scorching sun… didn’t win any money because my luck never allows that to happen but I did enjoy myself with a few Coronas. That same weekend we had amazing weather and as it was a bank holiday we had a BBQ with family friends and that weekend was literally LUSH. I also got repossessed with Mamma Mia 2 and me and my friend Rosie ate the biggest pizza I have seen in my whole entire existence. 

The 2019 Send Off


I finished my first year at university and we had a course celebratory Wagamamas to celebrate (celebrating in style you know?). I started my new series called The Essentials Edit – and it is a series that I am still doing on the blog… LIKE WOW. Somehow I have managed to carry out a series for more than three weeks!! I created my first ever magazine and it looked bloody good #proud. I started test driving cars and looking at buying one aka I became a grown up. We also had one very drunken night wear I drank nearly a whole bottle of pink gin all on my own – an achievement and downfall because of the all mighty hangover! So much so I stopped drinking for the rest of the year haha!


June was a turning point for me because I started really taking my blog seriously and I worked my butt off to make it where it is today. I got an idea or what I should be doing, did a load of planning and I focussed on making it better. We started getting our bathroom redone – it took a while but this marked the start! I went to watch Les Mis live as I got my friend tickets for his birthday. It was probably the best thing I have ever seen and I had goosebumps throughout the whole thing. Love Island returned so my evenings from 9PM were devoted to ITV2. We watched Liam Gallagher in concert and oh… I also bought a car!! Independence at last! 


The weather was pretty perfect in July which meant I spent a lot of my time sunbathing in the garden – no regrets. The were a few BBQs, alongside beach trips pretty much all the time. I went to a blogger event in Exeter and on the same night I hit 4K which was one of my biggest blog achievements to date after being stuck at 3K for nearly 2 years. I started eating spinach… thought I would just through that one in there. We did a pub crawl across totnes… or a diet coke crawl for my sober ass. We went down to Cornwall for the weekend and it was super hot, we found our new fave restaurant called Sam’s and an ice cream shop with over 36 different flavours. I changed and revamped my blog and made it look all pretty!

The 2019 Send Off


I met up with the lovely Hannah and Lauren for a mega blog shoot which meant we walked 10K across Plymouth in the hottest weather, but got some LUSH photos and had the best time. August featured a lot of eating out and just including on food *shock* and because the festival I was meant to be going to got cancelled we recreated it. We had family come and stay in August which is always a bit of a blast… and lots of wine was drunk. I hit 5K on Instagram and celebrated by going to the beach! I started my internship at the local rugby club doing their social media… technically now a social media manager and that makes me SO HAPPY. 


I started September having a bit of a meltdown as I thought I lost the entirety of my blog… I hadn’t and ended up rebranding my blog at long last! At the end of September I went back to uni so I did a lot of blog post writing in preparation! I went to another blog event hosted by John Lewis and met some more lovely bloggers. A lot of pumpkin spiced lattes were consumed and our bathroom was finally finished. I ran my first 2.5 mile run and that same weekend we had a random heat wave. I didn’t know this so ended up walking across Plymouth in a jumper and jeans so a weatherspoons pit stop was needed. Also I realised that I need to focus on what makes me happy and doing that.


I did a brand deal with Dior… like WHAT?? I spent a lot of October dragging my friend Lauren around in the rain to get blog photos. TBF a lot go October was spent in the rain as it was horrible! We booked our flights to Paris!! I was reunited with The Circle on channel 4 and the rugby world cup was on (aka very momentous occasion in my household). Also Harry Potter was on every weekend so I did a lot of TV watching.


I just want to point out everything in October seems like yesterday like what? I started working harder in the gym and I have lost nearly 9KG this year. Another thing was I wanted to set myself a goal to be happier in my own skin and I finally achieved it! I discovered by love for the Cosy Club after it opened near me. I started filming for my university work and my friend Lauren made the best model. I’m A Celeb took over my life. I am still doing the internship at this point and spend every Saturday watching rugby… could be worse I guess. I also discovered the wonders of Chris and Rosie Ramseys podcast… its AMAZING. I started drinking again after my little stint of being sober. Was proud to say I did about 6 months without drinking! 


We started December by visiting a Christmas market and eating the best meal at Lloyds lounge. I finished uni for Christmas but I still spent a lot of December trying to get university work done. I did a lot of Christmas shopping and admiring all the stuff I want but don’t need. Once again, I got my hair dyed again… SHOCK and went very blonde. I voted in my first general election and I also TURNED 20 surrounded by my favourite people. I also discovered Gavin and Stacey and now I am hooked. 

So that was my year. I won’t be posting now until the new year so I just want to say I hope you have a lovely Christmas and new year!

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