My Accessories Picks From 2019 #AD

Tis’ the season for fa la la la las and my favourite accessories from this year…

*This post is in collaboration with Mister Spex UK however all opinions are my own – seek disclaimer for more info*
My Accessories Picks From 2019 #AD

I set myself a bit of a style goal for 2019. Whilst playing around with trends, and really developing my own awareness of what clothes I like, I also wanted to focus on wearing more accessories. I used to be very much a ‘wear the same pair of silver studs in my ears and never change them’ type of person. And like mentioned in this blog post about my go to dainty jewellery items I have been slowly venturing out into the accessory world. You know jazzing up the whole outfit situ? Of course, my wardrobe is filled with the camels, the monochrome and the jumpers but I have been setting my styling priorities to adding the extra details in different ways. And yes I did say ‘jazzing up’… hello 80 year old Emily. 

So as we are slowly coming to the end of this year (HALLELUJAH) I wanted to just brush over some of the accessories I have been wearing a bit more this year. Take it as a bit of a feature, or round up of basically the items you will see on me for the foreseeable as I have gotten addicted over the course of this year. Amongst are my fave pieces, and some absolute staples I think you need to go out and get RIGHT NOW… or to put on your xmas list. Either one yeah?? 

My Accessories Picks From 2019 #AD

Glasses Galore

Right, I know sunglasses are a pretty vague statement because duhhh… pretty much everyone wears them and wears them in the summer. However I always forget about wearing sunglasses in the winter. Anyone else do that? I have been trying to style some of my sunglasses during the colder months too – thats if it isn’t raining. 

I have also started wearing glasses – I know its come to that point in my life I am now a glasses wearer. Actually I am planning to get a few more pairs in the new year from the Mister Spex UK website where they stock all your favourite eye wear brands. Specifically blue light glasses have been the one for me, because I spend so much time on my laptop and phone doing uni or blog work that they have become a necessity. 

The Gold Watch

You know I love my gold accessories. You only have to look at nearly all my Instagram photos to realise that. And when I got my hands on my Fjord Timepieces Karina watch (gifted) I was over the moon. I love the black face, because I wear a lot of black so we are all matchy matchy. Also I just think it is super elegant, and practical as I often find fabric straps to wear down quite quickly. 

My Accessories Picks From 2019 #AD

Any Gold Necklace Basically

There is just something about a gold necklace that is just a bit of me… You know what I mean?? Like if I haven’t put a gold necklace on you know there is something wrong. I have a few silver necklaces, however gold suits my skin tone better. I find that with the clothes I wear, gold just compliments that palette more. For example I wear a lot of black, sage green and neutrals all which go with gold perfectly. I think that it is a really dainty and subtle way to add a little bit more to an outfit. 


I used to just have one black handbag. My dear black toyshop handbag that I could barely fit my purse in, however I used it nearly every time I went out. However this year I have started investing in a few more bags and I don’t know why I didn’t do it earlier. I don’t get one every day of the week – like that implied. But I have got two new ones for my collection and I am in love with both. I pick my handbags so that they can go with any outfit. And I keep them to a neutral colour because then you have no excuse not to use them!

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