Basics For My Winter Uniform

Basics for the winter uniform… I can inform you the usual suspects are all there…

Basics For My Winter Uniform

So when we think of winter uniform (no not a works uniform) there is the usual coats, hats and scarfs, you know all that business? But for 2019 I am talking my new and reformed winter uniform. Since becoming a lot more style conscious in 2019, I feel like I have really thought about what I buy and what I want to style. Not forgetting the jumpers and the trainers, they are all there leaving me edging more on the comfort end of the styling zone. But also I have been looking more into the hiker boots, rather than the converse. Or the coords, rather than the jeans. Don’t even get me started on leather trousers because we will seriously be here all day. So I am going to talk you though the most worn items in this years winter wardrobe and link them all so that you can get them yourself *highly recommended*. 

Basics For My Winter Uniform

The North Face Puffer Jacket

I think this has to be one of the most practical items in my winter uniform. There is a very boring story that I was in desperate need for a black puffer coat. I have a red one, sorted. I also did have a black one from the mens section in Primark… but it wasn’t that… puffy?? It’s not one that makes you feel like a human sleeping bag in other words. I saw this The North Face Saikuru Puffer Jacket on ASOS and I knew I couldn’t buy any other black puffer jacket. I liked the boxy shape, and the fact that it was bulky because I need all the warmth that I can get during the winter. There were others that I saw (that were remarkably cheaper) but you know when you just fall in love with something and you have to get THAT one. No others one would have done. Plus I see it as an investment because a black puffer coat will never go out of style. 

Basics For My Winter Uniform

Hiker Boots

Never did I think I would be wearing proper chunky, biker style boots. With zip details, and clips and everything. They looks very industrial with a masculine style toe, and I have to admit when I first got them I wasn’t too sure whether I was going to keep them. I still find myself thinking that I don’t know if I can pull them off or not. The ones I am talking about are ‘Boot Season’ From Sisters and Seekers. Despite my worries they are comfortable, go with everything and do look pretty damn cool with the right outfit. And I actually find myself wearing them near enough every day. Annoyingly for me they are on sale (I paid full price) but you are welcome in advance. 

Basics For My Winter Uniform

Straight Leg Jeans

I didn’t as such set out to lose weight this year, but over the course of the year I have (I have worked my butt off at the gym) and I have had to invest in some new jeans lately. Its been a rather expensive process however I have come to find that straight leg jeans are my go to. Specifically Topshop Super Bleach Wash Straight Leg Jeans. I adoreeeee the fit of Topshop jeans. They aren’t the cheapest, however trying to find jeans that fit me well and last a decent amount of time have been an on going struggle. However I feel Topshop just answer my prayers. And the straight leg situ?? I just wanted a change from the ol’ mom jean or skinny jean. And they look quite good on me. Brilliant. So you will find me wearing them 99% of the time I guarantee it. 

The Basic Turtleneck 

Around winter time we see all the sparkles, sequins and glitter appearing in our wardrobes. But I ahem to admit that I haven’t got a great deal of that in mine. I don’t have works parties to go to as we just don’t do that at work, and I don’t tend to go out clubbing so I don’t need to be dressed head to toe in silver sequins just to go to the shop. And what suits me perfectly is just my basics. And specifically my most worn one is the New Look Off White Ribbed Long Sleeve Roll Neck. It suits any outfit, can be layered with ease and its just a NECESSITY. 

So if you feel that your winter uniform needs a bit of a change up then why not try my staples?? 

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