Why I Won’t Be Doing Christmas Gift Guides

Don’t get me wrong they are the holy grail if you are struggling for ideas, however I won’t be doing Christmas gift guides this year.

Why I Won't Be Doing Christmas Gift Guides

So here is the deal: We know it is pretty much a given that around Christmas time nearly 90% of bloggers will be doing gift guide posts, displaying what you might want to get others, or what you might want to put on your wishlist. We get the idea its pretty simple. I have done them in the past before, I have even explored the whole photoshop concept to put together a nice little montage of all the items on the list. A few years go, I even raided my brothers bedroom for my ‘Gift Guide For Him’ blog post. He probably still doesn’t realise his XBOX made an appearance on my blog. 

Why I Won't Be Doing Christmas Gift Guides

And fair enough, the gift guide posts are extremely handy when people have no clue whatsoever to get you. For those clueless boyfriends, the aunts that tend to get you something other than what you asked for. Or the brother who really doesn’t care and wants to get something fairly affordable. For those reasons gift guides are a good idea. And each year they will be updated to match new goodies that are appearing on the shelves. However this year I will not be doing any.

Why? Why have I made such decision which will impact so many peoples lives (please take that with a pinch of sarcasm)? There is a few reasons why as to why you won’t be able to head to my blog for gift ideas this Christmas but the main reason? I don’t like them. Sorry #controversialdecisionoftheyear. 

Why I Won't Be Doing Christmas Gift Guides

I find them very stereotypical and repetitive. I love getting people gifts that mean something to them. Something personal and dedicated to them. Because I think picking something really cheesy or useless from the next tat shop just isn’t helpful. It will sit on their floor for the next 2 months, then put away to be used as a regift. Don’t even try to deny that you have done that. I see you regretting the Soap & Glory body butter! But you don’t get that personal level in gift guides. They can’t predict the personality of your boyfriend or your best mate. 

Gift guides are full of dressing gowns, fragrance and body wash combos, bath bombs and cushions. I also made one of my gift guides a few years ago full of pale pink items to be visually pleasing. However then it just contains stuff I have picked for that aesthetic side rather than for people to actually buy. Guilty as charged. 

I also find scrolling through gift guide posts a little bit laborious. I never find something that I feel fits the right idea. And when I follow some amazing bloggers, I would rather be reading their regular content. However me saying all of this isn’t me slating bloggers who do it. I am aware some bloggers nail the Christmas gift guides and put a lot of effort in collating all the gifts to cover a wide audience. But it is one of those things that people have different opinion on. 

Each to their own I guess right?? 

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  1. Claire says:

    Love this blog post!
    I’m the same this year, although I have done gift guide post’s in the past, this year they just ain’t for me or I don’t feel they come across as useful as they should be. So I have turned my back against any type of gift guide featuring on my blog this year.

    Claire || http://www.clairejoanne.com

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