The Most Important Gift This Christmas Is To Yourself

Can guarantee you this is the most important gift. Any excuse to treat yourself right? 

The Most Important Gift This Christmas Is To Yourself

Even though I like to claim I am fairly good at buying Christmas presents – often it is a very last minute ordeal because I completely forget about it until the week before. Or I buy something good for someone, but I get so excited over the fact I think I have done really well, I can’t keep the secret and end up spoiling it. Something which I have never had any issues with though is treating myself. I do find myself slipping things for myself in the online shopping basket when I am getting all the Christmas presents I need.

I know that the whole ‘just treat yourself’ motto can be fairly dangerous for the whole bank account, however I don’t think there is any better time than Christmas to give yourself a little somethin’ somethin’. So whilst I have been talking about why I don’t like wish list, and what to wear for your Christmas party’s I have also decided to throw this blog post into the mix. I mean it would be rude not to get yourself a Christmas present right? But if you really need some justification then here is why:

The Most Important Gift This Christmas Is To Yourself

You made it to the end of the year – This one if a big one for me. I. For one will definitely be getting myself a little present to say well done. Through all the heartbreak, the laughs and the drunken breakdowns this year has been a bit of ‘meh’ year so I deserve it. Its the end of the freakin’ year lets celebrate! 

You have resisted it all year…

I think we can all think of those things that we want but just haven’t gotten around to buying, or have just brushed to one side. Maybe it is something practical, or something you have dreamed about for ages. The fact you haven’t bought it all year is good going and you need a little pick me up to use through January. 

The Most Important Gift This Christmas Is To Yourself

You don’t have to spend a lot…

For me, I just like the idea of treating myself to a nice face mask from Lush, and a box of chocolates from Hotel Chocolat. You don’t need to spend hundreds on a new Gucci handbag to be happier. Sometimes the warmest of feelings comes from the simpler things in life and these can make the most important gift you didn’t know you needed.

Its genuinely essential

You know that handbag that has been rapider more times than you can count? Or that mug that has about 20 chips in it? How about those underwear that are so old they are fraying dreadfully? We all have things that we need to replace or actually need to get whether we like it or not, so why not spend a bit more on that essential and treat yourself. New handbag, new shiny cute mug or lush lingerie you name it. 


Why shouldn’t your treat yourself at Christmas?? ITS CHRISTMAS. The one day of the year where you can spend it however you like, not feel guilty and enjoy the company around you. Its a celebration and any celebration is a good one in my books so just go fo it!! 

Ultimately Christmas is a time for giving. I like to think myself as a bit of a master of gift giving because I am fairly good with gifts. And even though I do buy myself little gifts all year around (no shame) this is the most important time of the year to. I truly believe that the most important gift is yourself because whole doesn’t love a bit of TLC or self care? So go and get the box of chocolates, that new handbag or that pair of heels. Go go GO!

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