The Essentials Edit: Christmas Party Styling

Its time to get your glitz, glam and sequins on because its the Christmas Party Styling Edit! 

The Essentials Edit: Christmas Party Styling

The one thing I like about Christmas dressing is being able to get all glitzy, sparkly and super OTT on the bright and shiny fabrics with it looking mildly okay. Like you won’t stand out right because everyone is in the same boat. Yep, we are talking Christmas party styling. I hope you like sequins because it wouldn’t be Christmas party styling without them! 

Christmas party dressing is one of those love of loath situations because if you are like me you love it because its an excuse to dress up all pretty right? But it is also the same old yearly drag of ‘Well I can’t wear that because I wore it last year’ and I don’t actually want to go to my Christmas party issue. But just look at it this way – it is once a year you can dress up, put your best fake smile on, drink the free Prosecco and eat all the food you can whilst your work is paying for it. And any situ when there is free prosecco is a good one right? 

The Essentials Edit: Christmas Party Styling

I like to think that with 21 days until the big day my Christmas wardrobe is looking pretty spot on… however that couldn’t be further than the truth. Hence this post is a little Christmas attire whishlist for me too. For the occasion of Christmas party season I wanted to find some of the best pieces that you could possible get your hands on to make you look one in a million. Any excuse to dress up right??

Generally Christmas parties and festive nights out just scream tinsel, sparkle and glitter which TBH I am all for. I will put my hands up and admit this will be full of it. But for those who want to dress a little more muted or not as out there so to say I will throw in some lush luxe pieces too. December is the month to embrace all the velour and all the decorative pieces which makes me so happy. So even with trends changing each year we know that Christmas outfits will require some sort of reds/greens/sparkle and glamour but here is how to really nail it. 


First I want to bring your attention to the corset top. This one that I am wearing in the pics was gifted to me by Femme Luxe Finery (I will leave a link to all of their corset tops here). The corset top is especially good if you want to go straight from work to a night out of meal. You can through it on with a pair of jeans and heels are you will be ready to hit the town. And of course it has to be in Christmas Tree green because there is no other festive colour like it. The satin just adds that extra lushness. I definitely think that this is one for those who don’t like the glitz and sparkle because the corset detailing just makes it as glam.

The Essentials Edit: Christmas Party Styling

Sticking with the top theme, I want to point out this years trend of puffy sleeves. We entered the summer with this and it has stuck around for Christmas. The exxagated sleeves work for any figure, making your waist look smaller. As Christmas is the time to really go big or go home you can get away with big sleeves. The bigger the better in my view. One I ADORE is this Atoir close call metallic wrap blouse on ASOS. Slightly the more higher end price wise, however this is the ultimate Christmas top and the colour is gorgeous. So different than the normal greens and reds we find.

If you wanted something more affordable then perhaps this Organza Mesh Polka Dot Volume Sleeve Blouse in hot pink is more your style. I love the added hot pink because there is no way this won’t look amazing with matching hot pink heels. Maybe not suitable for Christmas Carol singing or standing in the cold. But you have to make sacrifices for fashion right? The dream Christmas night out outfit though!


I think my favourite part of Christmas styling has to be the dresses. I am sorry but they are bloody GORGEOUS. Every single one. The more sequins the better. If I could have a whole wardrobe dedicated for it then you bet I would. I have found possible the best sequinned dress for the festive period. Controversial to just chose one but it is definitely up there and selling fast too. The Premium Silver Puff Sleeve Sequin Midi Dress by Topshop is the perfect statement dress for the festive period. Again has the puff sleeves (can you see a recoocuring trend?) And the midi length is perfect so if you meal turns into a night out you are suited and booted. Rather than trailing your dress around on the nightclub floor. It will turn heads and your search for the most bling dress is over.

Okay I promise I am not picking these dresses because of the sleeves (well…) but this one is a dress I HAD to put in here. The Miss Guided Gold Glitter Ruched Front Milkmaid Mini Dress isn’t as glitzy as the Topshop dress but it still holds its fair share of sparkle. This dress will leave you looking like a golden goddess and I think it just looks very luxe. For a low price this will leave you looking like a million dollar. Pair it with some glitzy earrings and some gold heels and you have yourself a winner! Leave the necklace behind as it will detract from the sleeves and neckline.

The last sparkle dress number I have for you is the Gabriella Dress in Prism Shine Sequin by Motel Rocks. I like how the sequins tie that iridescent look the the dress. I also can’t get over the open back. Just utterly stunning! But for those who prefer not to be covered in sequins for the night then perhaps this ASOS DESIGN velvet bias midi dress with puff sleeves  is the one for you. I love the fact that it is very regal and mid length. Also I don’t think it would have been a Christmas outfit post without a red dress. 


I also wanted to just mention some jumpsuits that are a BIG contender. I will always have a look at jumpsuits as well as dresses – I even wore a jumpsuit to my prom. This Next Black Sparkle Sequin Jumpsuit is the perfect combination of sparkle and chic for any age. This Silk Fred Silver Long Sleeve Sequin Playsuit is the best statement playsuit for the festive playsuit – you will get some ‘WOW’s in it for sure. Last but by no means least this BILLIE FAIERS GREEN SATIN SHIMMER JUMPSUIT by In The Style is such a stunning shade of green and the belted waist will flatter any body shape. 

How do you do Christmas party styling?

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