How To Wear A Tracksuit And Still Look Stylish

Comfort is key ALWAYS and tracksuits are the queen.

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How To Wear A Tracksuit And Still Look Stylish

I am going to take you back to 2007 (maybe). Back to when I used to rock a certain pair of tracksuit bottoms. A certain pair of tracksuit bottoms that were a Barbie pink velour, with a pink ribbed waistband, and ‘Pineapple’ from Pineapple Dance Studio written across the arse area in silver jewels. Unfortunately I did go out in public in them. Something which I am gobsmacked about now and has scared me a little bit. It has left me thinking about how I will ever be able to wear trackies in public without running the risk of looking like a millennial ball of cringe.

I think its a shame that stereotypically they get bad rep being linked to outsiders of the fashion world. However lately they are becoming a staple in many wardrobes. And I am talking about for everyday outfits, not just for lounging around at home in. Lauren from uni has bought some trackies recently, ones that I am completely and utterly in envy of and she wears them so well. I think its time to revamp to ideology of the tracksuit. Who’s with me? 

How To Wear A Tracksuit And Still Look Stylish

So how do you do it? I am genuinely asking because I am forever worried that people will look at me and think ‘Ew’ when I wear them. Even though I know I admire many people who wear them out on a daily basis. Its obvious you can’t just role out of be, put them on and fling on your dressing gown and head to your office. That is clear. There definitely is that line of dressing ‘chav-chic’ or looking like you need a wardrobe revamp. But I am just so damn jealous of everyone who can pull it off. 

Even though wearing a tracksuit is the art of dressing down, there has become a sort of stigma around it. That being in this new fashion era that dressing for comfort, especially in autumn, is the new chic. Match your jogging bottoms with a pair of chunky trainers. Or a nice coat, and some glass gold jewellery and you look trendy. 

How To Wear A Tracksuit And Still Look Stylish

We definitely don’t want to take ourselves back to the chav era of the Burberry print and tracks combo. However joggers are definitely a style to pick up on. So how to dress them up? I wouldn’t recommend going all sporty spice. You know bringing out the bright blue and white stripped trackies and white cropped tank top. Keep the trackies on the neutral colour scheme is the way to go. Sticking with greys, nudes, blacks and whites mean the gorgeousness of the trendy neutral colour palette will match with whatever you want to wear them with. Match it with a boxy blazer for a edgy style. Or a turtle neck top and camel coat for layering galore. Want to get it real trendy? Add a pair of simple strapped heels. Anything else and you run the risk of looking like you should be in the 2009 PopWorld scene. 

Even if trackies makes us look like we are just heading to our 9AM lecture then heading back to bed, then at least it will be portraying the truth. 

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