A Note On Social Pressures

Like woah woah WOAH lets back it up a bit with all the social pressures we are expected to handle…

A Note On Social Pressures

Last month I did a little bit of a brain dump about how I sometimes struggle to manage my time. You know, between blogging, working and university. I also made it as a self help post, reminding myself that this is how I do it all. And that I am doing a bloody good job at it. It was also a brain dump that much of you wanted and liked reading about because it is something we all have to manage. But most off all, even though I sound like I have my stuff sorted out, I do have my panics. I don’t want to underestimate the power of social pressures, and how this is affecting my life. 

A Note On Social Pressures

I am in my second year at university and we are currently doing a module based around CVs, portfolios, profiling, linked in. Basically all that grown up shit which is meant to be directed at the future career path we have to go down. But its not just uni. Its also society makes us think that we have to know what we want to do after we finish school. We are meant to make ends meet in the mean time with part time jobs. Or doing internships to help boost our industry knowledge. Then we have to do that essay we have been putting off for as long as possible. Don’t get me started on whole issue of credit ratings, bank, opening Help 2 Buy ISAs. Basically all that stuff we should be taught at school but aren’t. So lets dive in to the nitty gritty of it. 

By the time this post goes up, there will only be a few days left until the cut off point in the UK to take out a Help To Buy ISA. This is basically a savings account for a house in which the government will give you 25% of what you have saved on top of your savings to take out a mortgage. There are SO many people on Twitter urging people to take these outs, however I have decided not too. And why? I don’t want to conform to the idea that they are the be all and end all. If you actually if you look into the terms and conditions there is actually hidden details.

Yes they are really good, however the max the government will give you is £3K so its not the £25,000 some people might be thinking. For me, this is an example of social pressures making me think I need to rush into something and my future. I might not want to buy a house. I might end up renting up in London. Or I might want to save at my rate for a house instead. 

A Note On Social Pressures

There is also the pressures of entering the new world. I am already preparing myself for what an earth I might do after university. I think my parents will murder me if I have gotten myself into £45,000 worst of debt to do nothing. However when does this real world hit us? Is it when we have bought too many wall prints to actually hang? When we are stuck in traffic on the bus in the mornings? When we are seeing our friends over a glass of wine for half an hour because thats all our schedules will allow us? Or does it come with working out tax, planning expenses, and having to ring around for new car insurance deals. FYI I just got a really good one #winning. 

A Note On Social Pressures

I want all of these social pressures to stop. For me to be able to ignore them, and to just take a bit of a breath. Of course, they won’t. THIS IS THE REAL LIFE PEOPLE. But there is no rush. Yes entering your 20s will come with these pressures but the best thing to do is take them at your own pace, or else you will just burn out. Or turn into a who lazy ass scrounges off your brothers girlfriends sisters Netflix all day.

I don’t drink because I worry that I will be too hungover to get the massive Sunday to-do list done. If I spend my weekends hanging out my ass from too many Carlsbergs will I be putting a halt on building my career? I don’t particularly enjoy drinking anyway. Other than in the comfort of my own home with Casualty on the TV. But I am constantly being told that I am being boring because I don’t. All of this adds up, but for now it is something I am putting to one side and focussing on the now…

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  1. Lucy says:

    I opened a help to buy ISA account because of everybody banging on about on social media (myself included) ! Social pressure can have a real impact on our mental health, especially when you feel like you’re falling behind your friends and everybody else! x

    Lucy | http://www.lucymary.co.uk

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