The Winter Coat Edit

Not another blog posts about winter coats surely…

The Winter Coat Edit

Its that time of year. Yes THAT time of year. The time of year that is ruled by the winter coat. When my mum complains because all my coats are spread over the house. And when every single outfit is based around *that* trending coat. If there is one thing that I have done possibly too many posts about it is coats. So, if you haven’t gathered, or have just found my blog (heyyyy there) then I BLOODY LOVE COATS. 

Coats are just the best – especially if you are a lazy dresser – as a coat just makes an outfit. This is the time of year that where a shit outfit can be hidden or an outfit can be transformed to the ultimate cosy outfit with one item of clothing. I have been trying really hard to reduce my coat buying habit. Over the last few years it has become to get a little out of hands. I mean considering the fact I have had to relocate all my coats into the wardrobe in the spare room as my wardrobe hasn’t now got enough room for them speaks for itself. That and I can’t bare to get rid of any of them.

I have spoken about my collection before, and I have only added one edition of The North Face Black Puffer. So I can’t discuss my dreamy coat collection without repeating myself. But there is many on my wish list on ASOS and other sites so I thought I would show you all the coats I wish my bank account would stretch to. 

So here we are, enjoy, bon appetite, have fun or whatever. Here are some of the coats that I personally feel I won’t be able to survive without and am currently drawing about. Please link your dream coats below so I can gawp over some more!

The Winter Coat Edit
ASOS DESIGN Brushed Utility Coat in Khaki – £75.00 

I haven’t got a dark coloured fabric coat (I have a few back puffers but not like this) so I was drawn to it. I adore the fact that unlike some of the fabric coats I have this is a bit more oversized, with a belt around the middle which layers it and ties it so nicely. Perfect for any outfit, a throw on look, autumn goddesses… you get the vibe. It looks like a giant blanket and I am all for that. 

The Winter Coat Edit
Miss Guided Green Textured Vinyl Trench Coat – £60.00

I would say this is more of a light blue colour rather tan green but OH WOW its gorgeous. So not my usual style, but I am all for pushing yourself out of your comfort zone every now and then. I feel like this can just add a pop of colour when autumnal clothes can be lacking in any colour. And although you wouldn’t be able to wear it with every single outfit, I think it will turn heads. BE THAT TREND SETTER.

Boohoo Oversized Teddy Faux Fur Coat – £64.00 

I feel very ashamed with myself to say this, however I don’t actually own a teddy coat. I know I know, I feel like I have committed a crime by saying this. Lock me up NOW. However there is no rush to get one because they are here to stay for the foreseeable future. So I am going to make sure I find the perfect one. This one is very close to it, as I love the rusty colour. And the fact that it is a long winter coat, rather than the typical bomber style teddy coat. 

The Winter Coat Edit
Marks and Spencer Checked Overcoat – £69.00

You know what I love about this winter coat? Is that it is M&S. I am speaking very stereotypically but I don’t feel that a to of people my age or fashion bloggers turn to M&S for fashion, as it can be perceived as a shop for the older generation. However I absolutely adore this coat, because for that reason I don’t feel like many people will have it. We all fell in love with the H&M checked coat however I didn’t buy it because it was just too popular. Do you get me?? 

H&M Faux Fur Jacket – £34.99 

I need a leopard print faux fur coat to make me feel bougie and stay warm. Although don’t be tempted to wear this when rain is in the forecast. As much as I love my black faux fur jacket, I feel like a leopard print one will fill a coat sized hole in my heart. It pairs well with anything, jeans, joggers, faux leather trousers YOU NAME IT. And its afffforddable. 

So thats just a sample of the whole winter coat idea that might be disrupting the security of my bank account. Leave any you are loving down below on the comments!

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