The New Bathroom Diaries

I don’t want to ruin anything but the floor is my fave part of the new bathroom (wonder who picked it)… 

The New Bathroom Diaries

Ever so slowly we have been choosing different parts of the house to revamp. First it was the living room quite a few years ago (i.e. new sofas, a lick of paint, and recently new dining room furniture). Then we got our kitchen ripped out and an extension built meaning we lived on microwave meals for a good two months. In turn the bedrooms got painted and there has been the odd new bedding set too. But finally. FINALLY. It ’twas the bathroom who fell victim to the revamp. Only one – as we have three bathrooms – but trust me it is now the dream bathroom. 

We have lived in our current house for nearly 16 possible 17 years, and we hadn’t really done anything to the bathroom. The tiles had an outdated blue and yellow detailing. The shower was pretty limp. And you had to be some sort of contortionist to fit into the bath fully. And I haven’t even gotten onto the floor. The floor. It was a light blue carpet. Yes you read that right. We had BLUE CARPET on the floor in our bathrooms. In fact we had* carpet in all of our bathrooms so they needed to be taken out.

*still have in the other two bathrooms. 

Owing it to ourselves that we got rid of the dated features in our bathroom we wanted to make a sleek and modern bathroom that was easy to clean, looked fresh and also something a little bit different. We haven’t got the biggest bathrooms in out house, in comparison to the size of the house. So before we literally had a bath, toilet, sink and a bit of room to move. That was it. I thought I would just have a little chat about my new fave room in the house. 

Disclaimer: We have been lucky to be able to have a new bathroom put in, and crate a new space however it was very much needed. It actually took us a while to get done. You know after picking everything, choosing the right builder and then finding the right time for it to be started. So what I am trying to say is that I am not bragging, and showing off. A new bathroom is almost needed at 16 years of being in a house and not changing them. And a massive thanks to my parents who made it happen. 

Utilising space…

Because it is quite a small space it was mega important that we utilised the space that we had. We previously had a little ledge where we would just put all our skin care products etc. During the renovation we pushed that back a little. We couldn’t get rid of it because of pipes and that fun stuff. However moving it back has made more room, and allowed us to get a bigger bath. That meant no more gymnastic displays to fit in the bath tub.


We also stuck to white tiles, because however much I wanted something funky and dark and emerald green, it just wasn’t going to happen. We also wanted to put a bigger mirror in. Our mirror before had was tiny, small and circular and you genuinely had to go on tip toes to look into it. With this we got a cupboard with the mirror on the front to make sure we had both, without wasting space. It also has some LED back lighting which makes it looks super snazzy. 

Less is more when it comes to storage. Even though our cupboard is bigger than before, we don’t need anymore storage because of that. I also think our cupboard is quite photographical so keep an eye for any blog posts with images there. 


Now here is the part that we have all been waiting for. The flooring. Since posting photos of our new bathroom I have had so many people message me or speak to me about the flooring we chose. So in short I will tell you why we went for a bit of a unique flooring. Me and mum both knew we wanted to victorian style flooring. I feel like I slightly brainwashed her by sending so many different options on it on Pinterest because I just thought it was #bathroomgoals. We were shown a few different options when the flooring guy came over. But we saw this navy blue and white pattern and we just sort of instantly knew that was the one.

My mum and I don’t often agree on the same things so considering we agreed on this one was a big hint. It is a vinyl flooring, rather than tiles because it is slightly warmer under foot. But the room is so small that there wasn’t much point getting tiles. But if you are looking for Victorian style vinyl then I have a tip. A lot of them can look a bit cheap, not meaning to be rude however we didn’t want to settle for one that wasn’t completely victorian style. So keep looking until you have the perfect one. 

So as you can see, the revamp is defo a big one. But there is one conclusion to this blog post – bathrooms are hard to photograph…

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