The Essentials Edit: The Autumn Boots

‘One of these days these boots are gonna walk all over you’

The Essentials Edit: The Autumn Boots

This autumn there is one thing that I have been a complete sucker for. Yep, you guessed it. It is the trend of ‘Who Has The Prettiest Autumnal Boot’. As I stalk through Instagram, I just find more and more gorgeous boots. I simply don’t have the need or money for but you know I will most likely be buying them anyway. There is nothing better than dressing up in your autumnal gear (including the cosiest hoodie and coat combo) and strutting your stuff in boots that are simply going to make everyone’s jaw drop.

I think autumn outfits always scream boots. Its not like you are going to be putting five layers on and then topping off the outfit with a pair of sliders? If you do the props to you because I think I would lose my feet to frost bite. I have definitely been eying up plenty of different styles this autumn. I have seen plenty that are definitely ‘out-there’ however I have been wearing these around a lot. 

The Essentials Edit: The Autumn Boots

Boohoo very Kindly gifted me a pair of snake prints boots (which I have plastered all over my Insta so go check it out to find them) and TBH I kinda fell in love with them at first sight. I always thought I wouldn’t be cool enough to pull them off. But they are actually so damn easy to wear with ANYTHING. Put on a jumper and jeans combo and finish the look off with them. Pop of a midi skirt and leather jacket and get the chic vibes on. Literally they just add that ‘WOW FACTOR’ to any outfit. 

Staple boots have become a trend this autumn, from snake print, white boots with a contrasting heel, cowboy style boots, or your classic black patent boots. They all consist of neutral or earthy colours so that you can style them with pretty much anything. I bet you can find at least two ways to wear them with your wardrobe. 

I also think when it comes to autumnal boots, especially with transferring over into the winter weather comfort is key. KEY I TELL YAH. I don’t think you will ever get a comfier boot than the typical design of an Ugg boot. But I have found my gem and its not an Ugg. Emu Australia gifted me the Stinger Mini’s in Chestnut and these literally make you feel like you are walking on a cloud. They are water resistant (which at this time of year is a must) and they are just easy to wear with a comfortable outfit.

There is such huge selection out there, however there is one thing that I love about the snake print. Or any animal print boot for that matter. They can easily push you out of your styling comfort zone but make you feel confident AF when wearing them. Now saying animal print of any kinda is a rather broad statement. However anything from leopard print or zebra print will just draw the eye too them, making everyone want to buy them. 

The Essentials Edit: The Autumn Boots

The best thing about them is that you know they will be a wardrobe staple. Boots will always been an autumn statement because they are warm, comfy and stylish. The boots you wear will be able to make an appearance next autumn and most likely many autumns afterwards. Unless something very weird happens and we have summer all year around, the cold weather just draws us to boots. 

So if you haven’t got a pair in your wardrobe then why not??

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