Why Making My Own Instagram Preset Changed The Game

Like seriously, this Instagram preset is probably one of the best things I have made…

Why Making My Own Instagram Preset Changed The Game

So after the post about How I Edit My Photos Exactly, I have had a few more questions about making your own presets. And trust me once you know, you life will be revitalised. Your insta will be fresh faced, beaut and UNIQUE to you. Thats what got me into the idea of wanting my own preset. It is mine. It is how the way my photos look. And no-one elses. I mean before I started blogging or doing bits and bobs on the ‘gram I didn’t even know what a preset was. Don’t worry its just a fancy term for filter. 

By no means does this post mean I am the master at creating presets. Oh no that couldn’t be further than the truth. It took me a god damn long time to figure out my preset. And make sure it worked on all the photos that I posted. I just became a bit restless with not liking my feed or photos, so properly sat myself down (glued to my MacBook) and did some research. I found feeds and aesthetics that I liked. Then I worked out a process of how I can make my photos look similar or some what like that aesthetic. Now the ‘Oh shit does that look too bright, or too contrasted?’ Chapter starts however it is literally just one big whole experiement. So I thought I would just break down the whole reasoning behind my own preset, and all that jazz.

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I think that the term ‘preset’ can be a little mind boggling for some people. I for one, had no idea what it was when I first heard the term. But in actual fact I had been using presets without even realising it. Last summer my Instagram feed took a bit of a teal and orange turn (fitted my Croatia holiday lovely). Even though I just changed the colour of my images, I was actually using the same preset each time. So yes preset = filter. 

Why Making My Own Instagram Preset Changed The Game

Etsy is hailed as the go to platform to buy your presets from. I known follow a lot of bloggers who earn a fair amount of money from selling handmade presets. And trust me it is a minefield when looking at all the different options. Several times I have bought presets from Etsy. And I have used them on some of my photos. I never really got on with any of the presets that I bought though. I absolutely loved them on the tester images that they supply before you purchase the item.

However after using them for a bit I realised they weren’t ‘me’ and they didn’t suit my photos. Don’t get me wrong, feeds that have been made using a consistent preset look gorgeous, but I wanted more of a natural look to my images. Also when buying presets, as guessed they cost money. Most of them are fairly cheap and down right affordable. But you don’t want to be spending money every time you change your mind right? 

So this is the point where you want to get your Pinterest game ON. Sit your ass down with a cuppa, maybe some Netflix on in the background and get pinning. Find you favourite feeds, fashion or beauty Inso – whatever you make your content around. Have a look at the images and think about the aesthetic you see running through them. For me, I found myself liking the natural edits but also the darker and moodier edits (feel like it reflects my mood very well). Then its worth just have a think and a play around with like 5 or 6 of your images to see what works best. For my moody and darker preset I actually turn up the brightness ever so slightly. But I make the blacks blacker and the shadows darker. 

Why Making My Own Instagram Preset Changed The Game

I think making my own preset, to look exactly the way I dreamed my images to look made sure that I was being true to myself. I have spoken about this so many times your ears are probably bleeding, but I was always very unsettled and unhappy with the way my feed looked. Yes, I have wobbles, but since making my own preset, I have been so happy with it. I think the moody look works with my fashion shots, makes them look a bit more editorial and professional. Where as if you had a flatlay account you might want a lighter and brighter preset. Get me? 

That being said, if you don’t feel like you have the abilities to make one then purchasing presets are defiantly an affordable alternative. But presets are easy to make. I use Adobe Lightroom (V RECOMMENDED). All you have to do is edit your photo the way you want your preset looking, and then go to settings and click create new preset. Pretty simple!

Do you use a preset??

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4 responses to “Why Making My Own Instagram Preset Changed The Game”

  1. priya says:

    Love presets!! I use presets on nearly all of my photos on Instagram, and it’s changed the game completely. I also managed to find a bunch of free presets after a little bit of digging too! x

  2. Lucy says:

    A few people I follow on Instagram have presets for us to buy but they’re so good that I wouldn’t know which ones would suit my photo’s! However, I’ve worked hard on making some presets myself and it’s worth it when your Insta and blog photo’s look good! x

    Lucy | http://www.lucymary.co.uk

    • Emily Clare says:

      Yes! I have bought some before, but I often find even though they are really good, they never suit my photos like they do theres x

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