My Top Female Empowerment Crushes Who Taught Me To Be Whoever The Hell I Want

These women taught me how to be sassy AF, all about female empowerment and I sure do have a crush on them!

These women taught me how to be sassy AF, all about female empowerment and I sure do have a crush on them!

I know on a Sunday, I go through hat same routine of giving a little instagram shoutout to my fave feeds of the week. Quite often they are feeds I am obsessing over a bit too much. But I don’t always give credit to some of the females in my life, who inspiring me and encourage me to be whoever I want to be. I think in a world where there is a huge amount of online criticism, and where you have to be so damn careful if what you say, it is good to have someone who makes you, you. Luckily for me, these beaut ladies have done that. Over the last couple of years there have been ups and downs. But more importantly I feel like I have grown so much in confidence. And I like to think this is down to them. I love all the female empowerment jazz on Instagram but you can dins it a lot closer to home too. Ready to champion some of the bad ass women in my life? Me too.

Chloe Plumstead 

Chloe is a little sass pot, wine lover and blog post writer. She is a twenty-something blogger and free lance marketer. She is one of the most open, raw and inspiring bloggers that I read. I feel like I share a similar taste in writing as she does. And in fact I feel that by reading her work I have pushed my own personal boundaries in my writing. My favourite have to be her advice posts, because they aren’t just your stereotypical advice posts. They are honest and pure, something which is sometimes hard to find in this industry in my opinion. 

Francesa Perks 

I have been admiring Francesca on Instagram for the last couple of months as she really sticks out to me because of her raw and open honesty. She did an AD with Primark a little while ago and in that she opened up about how she nearly cancelled 24 hours before the shoot because of her insecurities about gaining weight. It was really inspiring to read, and yet her positivity online is just radiating. I love it. 


Oh I think we have all had one of those nights where we just need a bottle of wine and a good sing along to Adele. I just love how independent, talented and powerful she is. She gets a lot of stick for the fact she swears or that she sometimes says the wrong thing, however I think she is just real. And that is shown so well in her songs too. Sends shivers down my spine just thinking about it. 

My Mum, and all the other women close to my heart. 

This one to me is the most important hence why I saved it to last. My mum is someone who will come out with me when she least wants to so I can get an instagram photo. The one who has seen me at my worst and at my best. The women I couldn’t live without. And there are a whole load of other women who I hold close to my heart who have taught me to be proud, brave, strong, all of that stuff. And for that I cannot appreciate enough. Soppy but true… Female empowerment for the win!

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