Why The Ribbed Top Needs More Credit And Where To Find The Best

I guarantee you won’t find a better wardrobe alternative to the ribbed top this autumn… 

As someone who is wild about autumn and with the UK weather beginning to become chillier and more temperamental we are left with no choice. I am cracking out the long sleeves tops and layers once again. Let’s be honest, if you head out in anything less during late Oct/Nov now without at least two layers there is a high chance you won’t make your commute to work without collapsing of hypothermia. The less than ideal situ for sure. So I introduce to you the ribbed top… 

We do love and NEED a few basic tees in our wardrobe but sometimes you want that little bit more. Not graphic tee and bold logos more but just that little edge. And when I did my little AW19 shopping spree I did notice on thing. All the tops were ribbed. Even my basic turtle necks from New Look that I got were ribbed. Ribbed ribbed ribbed EVERYWHERE. Am I painting you a picture?

I realised that they were a trend that I needed to jump aboard on (a rather cheap one too THANK GOD) I did have a good look around to find the best ones. Now I have four in total, slightly obsessive but when they are a necessity in your wardrobe its not actually that bad. See if you are like me you will have your white and your black ones. The ones I picked up as mentioned above were turtle neck style from New Look. I would say this is one of my top recommendations because New Look’s ribbed top selection is vvvvvery extensive and also incredibly affordable.

So we have black for our ‘lets make any outfit work’ look and then white for your slightly more preppy look. Since it is autumn and they are the perfect autumn staple I then have two in more autumnal shades. But of course, if you are to get one then pick a colour that works for you. When I was having a browse, I noticed that Primark had a vast range of colours and shades for a mere £6.99. You even have the option of a pattern ribbed top. Florals aren’t just a thing for summer. They are being carried through to autumn in more warmer and subtle colours. They make a basic outfit that little more chic and feminine.

This one that I am wearing in these photos is my ultimate go to at the moment. It is a gorgeous dark teal colour which works perfectly for autumn. I can’t wait to match this with white jeans, my dungarees. This one is also very high quality, sits nicely and hangs rather than clings to your lumps and bumps. The styling methods are pretty endless but there is one down side. I can’t for the life of me find it online ANYWHERE. I got it in H&M so I recommend just keeping your eye out. 

So the pros of a good ribbed top? Not only are they very much affordable even for a student budget, but they are also a casual basic item that is just something more than a standard top. Nobody realise the impact that a bit of texture can do in lifting your outfit. There is always something for everyone from day looks to ribbed tops suitable for a little party. And they create that striking silhouette we all dream of. You can’t fail!

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