The Essential Edit: The Turtleneck

Simple, yet candid and classy… oh how I love a good turtleneck.

*Features gifted leather joggers from Femme Luxe Finery*
The Essential Edit: The Turtleneck

What you don’t see when you look at my blog or my Instagram feed is that I spend 80% of the time at home bundled up in my dressing gown. I am that person that can get cold even in some of the hottest weathers. FYI I will sleep with my thick winter duvet and a throw on my bed all year around. And no the window doesn’t get opened either… So it’s no wonder why a turtleneck is literally a must in my autumn wardrobe.

If you ask someone what autumn fashion screams then I will bet that a turtleneck will be up there in the answers. Whether you wear them for practicality reasons. Or because you are attempting to become a chic instagram influencer they will rule the autumn wardrobe. And to be honest, I am loving it. So if you are also an ice babe, forever cold like me, then this one is for you. 

When an item of clothing ticks the practical, and stylish boxes then you can’t really turn it down. A turtleneck ultimately is a basic item of clothing. I picked up two the other week from New Look for an absolute bargain of only £8.99 each. So cheap and cheerful! Other high street stores also do turtlenecks. I mean they would be crazy not to sell them, so you can always get a range of different styles. For example the New Look ones I picked up are slightly ribbed (ribbed is all the range at the moment TBH). But you can get plain ones, patterned ones, thinner ones or thicker ones. You get the idea.

The Essential Edit: The Turtleneck

If you asked me a few years ago how I would have styled a turtle neck I would have just said ‘Jeans… duh’. YES. Matching a turtle neck with a pair of jeans is a great simple outfit. But oh honey you thought wrong if that was it! Thanks to the wonders of Instagram and Pinterest we are given a whole new world of inspiration on how to style turtle necks. One of my favourite styling ways is a turtleneck and and cami shirt combo. Such a lovely transitional outfit that can be put with some nice trousers or jeans. It also means I don’t have to mess around with a skin coloured bra for my slightly too see-through cami! 

I like to stick with the slightly thinner turtlenecks. That means you can layer it with jumpers, cardigans, blazers or jumpsuits and not sweat like you are trapped on the underground in 40C heat. I can only know the pain of dressing for winter with all the layers, to get into work/uni and it being really hot! You don’t want to add extra bulk to an outfit if you are just wearing it for the fashunnnn. But if you are genuinely looking for that added warmth then thermal turtlenecks are a thing and trust me they will be your BFF. 

One tip for buying turtlenecks is to be aware of the neckline and fabric. Cotten blends are always more resilient and don’t stretch as much. It is enviable that the neckline will stretch, but you want something that will be snug as a rug too!

The Essential Edit: The Turtleneck

You can have your basic turtle necks in black and white. You can pretty much layer them or match them with any outfit. But I also think having a slightly different coloured turtleneck is also the way to a complete wardrobe. I have a burnt orange feature and also I recently picked up a dark teal high neck boarding on turtleneck top which is very high in quality. You could even push the boat out and get a nice striped one. Would make a feature right? Investing in a turtleneck is like investing in a gin and tonic. A MUST. 

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