What I Want To Achieve Before The End Of The Year

Let’s have a little chat about what I plan to do before the new year… FYI its coming up FAST.

What I Want To Achieve Before The End Of The Year

Woah hasn’t 2019 gone super fast?? I mean when this blog post goes live it will be the middle of October? LIKE WOW OKAY SLOW DOWN A BIT. Do you ever get that feeling that with each year that goes by the years go quicker and quick because yeah… same. So I just wanted a chat about what I plan to do in the last two months, what I will be working towards and what I hope to happen before the end of the year.

I can’t say that 2019 has been the most kindest and best year of my existence but I am hoping the last part of the year will be a little less eventful and as much of an emotional rollercoaster as the first part of the year was. Fingers and toes well and truly crossed. So in the mean time this is what I want to try and achieve before the end of the year.

What I Want To Achieve Before The End Of The Year
Better my cardio.

I do try and go to the gym two or three times a week, in which I will do a little bit of cardio each session. When I was following a stricter gym guide there was only one day of cardio in it. So now I am being more relaxed I want to try and push my fitness levels. I try and get my cardio fix through running but the issue is that I like the idea of running but I don’t actually find it that enjoyable. There are two reasons for this. 1) Boredom and 2) Mental motivation. I always end up telling myself ahhh its okay to stop now. NO EMILY. Go that little bit longer and further. Stop being that lazy ass girl you are and get that extra kilometre in!

What I Want To Achieve Before The End Of The Year
Keep up the blog work.

During four months I had off during the summer (yes it was lush) I worked bloody hard on my blog. So much so I increased my followers by 3000 and I started producing content that I was damn proud of. SO MANY YES’. I just really hope that I can keep that momentum up once I am back at uni. I didn’t do all that work for nothing!

Do what I want to do to make me happy. 

Something that I have come to realise over this year is that life is too short to be stuck doing something that you don’t like. There have been things in my life this past year that have just made me so down, and fed up that I have decided to do what I want for a change. I want to focus on my blog, the social media free lance work that I am currently doing, I want to focus on doing my best in uni. Watch the rugby I want to watch, read the blogs I want to read, go to the cocktail bars I want to go to. Enjoy the things I do, not being stuck doing something that won’t benefit me in the future or mentally. 

Turn 20.

In December I will indeed be turning the big 2 0. This means this gal will have been on this earth for two whole decades and I can finally say I am in the era of the twenties. Life really gets started then right? AHHH I AM EXCITED. It will be a fun, festive and hopefully gin and tonic fuelled times and thats what I am buzzed about. 

What do you want to achieve before the end of the year?

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  1. Emily says:

    These are such great goals – happiness is always key! I want to get a better post-uni routine down

    Emily x | emilyclairewrites.com

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