How To Style A Midi Skirt In Autumn

You thought midi skirts were just for summer? Ohhh well you thought wrong…

How To Style A Midi Skirt In Autumn

If there was one thing that I felt that my wardrobe needed for AW it was a midi skirt. I don’t know whether it’s the fact I have been obsessing over Poppy Deyes’ midi dress and skirt collection on Instagram or because I just had that feeling. You know that feeling when you NEED a bit more. I have one midi skirt which is in a shiny hot pink. Very appropriate for the xmas party season – not so appropriate for everyday meetings and antics. There was a casual midi skirt sized hole in my wardrobe that simply needed filling. 

How To Style A Midi Skirt In Autumn

The midi skirt trend crept upon up during summer and its one that is not being let go of. I am aware that I rave on about a good jumper/jeans/trainer combo for maximum autumnal cosiness but lets be real… you can’t wear jeans every single day. In fact midi skirts are an all year round wardrobe staple. They can be dressed up, or down, layered or not layered. The ideas are endless, hence why they are still very much on trend. There is clearly a reason why everyone is wearing and styling them at the moment. BECAUSE WE BLOODY ADORE THEM. 

For me a midi skirt makes me feel a little more made up, like I have my crap together, and its a piece I know I will be able to pull off this time next year. As per, this midi skirt follows my ever lasting monochrome wardrobe. However unless you haven’t seen my insta feed (if not then stop what you are doing and go follow me) this is my kinda style vibe. 

I wanted to bring your attention to this midi skirt specifically. I clearly had been living under a rock because I didn’t realise the extent to which New Look went with their midi skirt collection. Like seriously its gorgeous! I struggled to narrow it down to just one – but for my banks sake I managed. This Black Satin Mixed Animal Print Midi Skirt has that essential elasticated waist band. This we can eat all the Ben and Jerry’s ice cream that we want without worrying. And its just above heel length means you can style it nicely with a pair of boots and trainers. 

So how do you style a midi skirt for autumn not winter eh? Obviously in summer we have seen the classic midi and basic white tee. Or the midi and dainty cami look. Styling midi skirts in autumn can be very similar… but weather dependent. So here are a few possibilities that you can try out. 

How To Style A Midi Skirt In Autumn
Basic Jumpers

For me jumpers is one of the stand out pieces to match a midi skirt with. You can bag a good basic black/white/grey/cream jumper from somewhere like Primark for under £20 and then you can rewear with other outfits. Picking a basic, plain jumper, might seem boring but it will draw the attention to the skirt and they are just wardrobe essentials in themselves. 

Turtle Neck and Leather Jacket Combo

I don’t think there is a better feeling than the ‘I am wearing a sassy as outfit and I feel empowered’ vibe. Put on a turtle neck and a leather jacket and you can add simple class and sophistication to the midi. Then match it with a nice white trainer for day time looks so some classic black strapped heels and then you can turn it into a night outfit too. PERFECTOOOO. 

If In Doubt Blazer It Out

One thing possibly bigger than the midi right now? (If that is even possible) It’s the blazer. All of a sudden we are channeling proper 80s looks with blazers from everything colourful to oversized being regulars on our instagram feeds. The idea of adding structure from the shoulder pads and the boxy nature of a blazer offsets the femininity of the midi. If you don’t have your own then have a dive into your dads/boyfs/brothers/grandads wardrobe… with their permission of course. This is also a great option to make it more office and work friendly.

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  1. Emily says:

    Love this outfit!! I really want to keep my midi dresses going through the autumn, but the thought of chilly legs puts me off slightly haha

    Emily x | emilyclairewrites.com

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