How To Style White Jeans In Autumn

I don’t get what the taboo is about not wearing white jeans in autumn?? 

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How To Style White Jeans In Autumn

I want to talk about something. Something that I keep seeing people say on Instagram and on their blogs. People are putting their white jeans away for autumn and winter. WHAT?! This to me is a bit mind blowing. So much so I had to do a blog post about it clearly. This summer I finally found my favourite pair of white jeans. After 10 shops, 32 try on sessions and 41 strides of that awkward jean fit walk that we all do, I found a pair. Okay so a bit of an exaggeration but you get the picture right? 

I do agree that white jeans are risky. Anything white holds some sort of risk to it. You have to go through the whole, be careful where you sit. What you eat, what you drink, and where you can wear them without risking a massive stain issue. But when white jeans looks crisp and fresh who can resist them? Let alone put them away not to be worn for the next six months…

How To Style White Jeans In Autumn

After doing a little research with my bff Google, the idea of not being able to wear white jeans during winter originated from the American term “no white after Labor Day” rule. I think that is a rather daft rule tbh. 

I think white jeans are on elf the most flattering type of jeans. We all love a good pair of skinnies. I mean if you want a quick and easy outfit they are your go to. And we all know how good a pair of Topshop Joni or Jamie jeans look on our butts. Peachy or what?? My white jeans are actually Mom shaped which I like because not only do they leave a bit of room for having a good meal (the bloating is real) but they also add a bit of shape. 

White jeans are often linked to Spring/Summer because of the lightness of them and the crisp white compliments the spring pastels well. But why can’t we keep it going all through the year and make them a staple every month. Don’t want to waste them and leave them hibernating.

Your favourite autumnal jumper. 

I hope that I can give you a bit of style inspo on how to style white jeans during autumn. Matching the white against a bold or autumnal colour jumper makes the white jeans autumn chic vibe come alive. I have been wearing git a lot with a Sage green jumper because it is glued onto me this autumn. 

Off white and neutral vibes.

Another way to style white jeans is with an off white top and a camel coat. This sophisticated look means you will be keeping in trend with the neutral vibes this autumn and it is easy for anyone to style. 

How To Style White Jeans In Autumn

Go grey. 

The other week I wore my white jeans with my grey jumper and white trainers. This is another taboo that I want to shake and I clearly don’t care much about. WHITE AND GREY. Apparently it is frowned upon to put them together but I think they go well and make a cute casual outfit. 

Throw on a pair of loafers. 

We all wish we had a pair of gorgeous Gucci loafers right? Unfortunately my student budget doesn’t stretch to a pair of that price, but there are so many cheaper alternatives. I know Primark have always got different styles, colours and types of loafers. And currently I have my eye on this pair of gorgeous loafers from River Island… 

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  1. nikkidiez13 says:

    Love this! White jeans can be so nice in the winter against all the dark people normally wear. xx

  2. These boots….I LOVE!!

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