My Go To Dainty Jewellery Bits

I don’t think an outfit is finished off without jewellery and the dainty jewellery bits are my favourite. Here’s why…

My Go To Dainty Jewellery Bits

Are you a Cadbury or a Galaxy chocolate type of person? I would ultimately pick Cadbury (but because its chocolate you can’t turn down either). Like chocolate, I feel like you are either a silver or gold jewellery lover. If you want to defy all the so called fashion rules when it comes to mixing silver and gold together then I salute you. Or if you want to throw a bit of rose gold into the mix then that is also your preference. Even though I own a significant amount of silver jewellery I always think gold jewellery looks that little bit nicer on me. But I will always pick dainty jewellery items over big a chunky ones.

We do in fact have complimenting jewellery metals to our skin tone. Because I am an autumn colour palette copper is meant to suit me better. But gold will come close enough because I don’t in fact own any copper. Apart from those old Primark £1 rings that have turned copper from age. Yeah, the ones that are PERFECT for one time wear but will turn your fingers blue.

My Go To Dainty Jewellery Bits

But I have never been the biggest jewellery wearer. I used to look at some people and admire how they would wear 10 different rings every day. Like can I be that edgy please? And all the ankle bracelets and nose rings that went with it… I wanted to be that level of cool. But I have never gotten into the swing of wearing jewellery everyday. 

So when I do wear jewellery I tend to reach for the more subtle and dainty pieces. I also think they look rather impactful but sophisticated at the same time. My main reason for this blog post is to talk about some of the brands that I have found and wear the most. The amazing thing about the internet is that we can reach to those independent jewellery and Etsy stores that we couldn’t before. I used to ALWAYS get my magnetic clip on earrings from Claires. Then I would push the boat out to Primark if I needed some bits for one odd occasion. Oh what a throwback to the days of magnetic earrings.

A lot of the time with jewellery shopping you go to the most convienient online shop like ASOS or Topshop to find something quick. None of have time to really scroll the depths of Etsy or Instagram to find a new bangle. So here is a little time saver for you and I thought I would just talk about some of my favourite pieces too. You will see they follow more of the gold theme. However I will try to include more of a mix too for you silver/rose gold/black or whatever lovers of jewellery you are. 

My Go To Dainty Jewellery Bits

Happiness Boutique Circle Gold Necklace* – Every outfit I wear I will wear a gold necklace. Hence why there are more than one featured. However this one is my go to because of its simplicity. Its rich gold colour hasn’t faded in the two years I have nearly had it and it just added a little bit of detail that you can perhaps miss. 

Buckley London Bailey Rae Pendant* – One thing that Buckley London nails is their pendants. Even to find the link I fell in love with some of their new ones. This sweet quote on this pendant is just a little extra to a necklace and I really cherish it. If you are getting someone a gift then this is the perfect idea. 

Lovisa Stud Packs – When I buy earrings I have to be slightly careful about what earrings I buy because my ears are sensitive to some of the cheap metal often used. Lovisa do packs of studs and I find them okay for my ears. Reasonably priced and always absolutely gorgeous. 

Pandora Sparkling Tear Drop Halo Ring – Rings are not normally my forte however the majority of my rings are pandora. The thing about pandora rings is that they are high quality and you don’t need loads to make a statement. My kind of ring. 

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  1. Frankie Bridger says:

    I love these!! They’re dainty but not super girly which I find with a lot of dainty jewelry!


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