My Go To Jumper This Autumn

A jumper… in sage green… literally nothing better!

My Go To Jumper This Autumn

There is no denying that during autumn chunky knits and jumpers will become your BFF. One side of my wardrobe is dedicated to jumpers and I am not even going to denying that it is slowly taking over the other half of my wardrobe too. Just the feeling of getting cosy, and squished in a jumper, coats, scarfs and hats ahhhhhhh! I LOVE JUMPERS IF YOU CANT TELL. 

My Go To Jumper This Autumn
My Go To Jumper This Autumn

I have restricted myself to my jumper purchases this autumn, because lets be honest there are only so many black jumpers you need. Whether it is a thinner knit or a more chunkier knit it doesn’t matter. I am very susceptible to a high neck as well because nothing screams autumn more than a high neck. I am very much aware that every time I do a jumper blog post I sound like the worlds most broken record, but it is practically impossible not to buy new knitwear this time of year. In my eyes jumpers are just easy to where in any situ. To work, to the pub, to a meal out or just around the house. EASY EASY EASY. 

Like I said I have been restricting myself for the sake of my bank. If I find one that I truly, utterly and absolutely adore then I will pick it up. This is where this new beauty came from. Yes its not black or grey…

After seeing Laura from Laura’s Little Locket rocking the sage I have fallen in love with the colour. I mean seriously I have… I am even considering painting my bedroom that colour. Thus, I was on the hunt for a sage/olive coloured jumper. It also comes under the brakes of autumnal colours which suit my hair and skin tone the best. See why I love autumn so much now?? 

This beauty comes from H&M. I am very much considering doing a whole post on H&M at the moment because the brand is doing amazing things. I have in the last year fallen in love with H&M and now they are one of my favourite high street brands. They also had a few to chose from so there is a nice selection dependent on what style of jumper suits you better.

The one I got was a fine knit in green marl. It is lighter than your normal chunky knit meaning it is utterly perfect for this in-between weather. The answer to all your transitional prayers really. 

Now lets bring up the colour. I have never found myself wearing green jumpers. I wouldn’t go and grab one instantly because its not always an easy colour for everyone to wear. But I feel like this would compliment any skin colour and any hair colour. The bagginess of the jumper also means it is easy to wear and wear layers underneath. 

This jumper has bat winged sleeves. I wasn’t too sure on this because I went through that cringe stage of wearing everything batwing I could get my hands on. This has left a bit of a batwing scar in my brain because it was just awful, but I thought I would give it a go. I love the batwings because ultimately I live for baggy jumpers. Baggier the better I say. 

I have been wearing this on white jeans (yes white jeans in autumn… blog post pending) and long pleased maxi skirts, or just for ease on a pair of black skinny jeans. The outfit options are endless as you can see. There are also five different colour options so if you want something other than sage then there are those options too. 

Lets just thank H&M for cracking autumn styling well and truly this year!

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  1. this is SO CUTE! i love the color & i totally understand the sweater obsession 💚

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