How I Prepared For My Second Year At Uni

The year when in uni everything starts counting and it gets real…

How I Prepared For My Second Year At Uni

With the student loans rolling in (I see you ASOS) and lectures starting, it can only mean one thing which is the uni has finally come around. I have had nearly four months off now. TBH it is going to feel weird as HELL to come back. But boy oh boy am I ready for it. Even though I want to be reunited with all my most favourite people, and go to Paris for fashion week, I know second year is where the real shit goes down. FYI the entirety of my first year didn’t count towards my degree. A tad bit annoying YES but I did learn a lot. But now it counts and that is that part that I am more than nervous about. 

In honour of going back to uni I thought it would be worth dedicating a post to how I am (mentally) preparing myself for going back to uni. I don’t have that big of a chore when it comes to going back. I don’t have to move into new accommodation or pack anything up. In fact, I chose to live at home because my university is down the road from me. However with the joys of freshers, and summer projects there has been so preparation. 

How I Prepared For My Second Year At Uni

Summer Projects 

Its alright saying that I had four months off from university but there was the expectation that we had to do some university work… I know who’d have thought it *insert eye roll*. I tried to get the majority of mine done during August, rather than doing the last minute panic. Usually I am quite good at getting my work done. It did involve redoing it about 5 times until I was happy but all I need to do now is print it off. #properperfectionist

Money Money Money

We all love it when we get our student loan through and ASOS hold their 25% off to celebrate. Yeah I can’t wait for that. But I have also been trying to manage my money. I know what I am going to have to spend once I go back and what I can put away in savings. YIKES I know how boring this sounds but its that bit of life admin that has to be done. Bus passes, Adobe renewals and pumpkin spice latte budgets… it all has to be sorted. 

MacBook Clear Out

I do pretty much all my uni work on my MacBook. It was an absolute godsend when I bought it however I had to clear it out a little bit. Because my course includes lots of high spec photo and video editing I have to make sure everything goes onto my hard drive to make sure my memory isn’t full. ABSOLUTE CHORE, but I had to do it so I can carry on with work. 

Getting Into A Better Sleeping Pattern

I am lucky and don’t have any nasty 9AM lectures but most of mine start at 10AM. If I want to get a bit of Instagram admin done, and get ready in time I have to get up fairly early. But when you have 4 months off it is hard not to get into a bad sleeping routine. Good bye staying up until 1AM and hello 7AM alarms. 

It all sounds rather cliche and boring but I have been trying to get ready for second year so it doesn’t hit me like a slap in the face. If you want to see what I get up to in university during my second year then go follow my university Instagram account @emilyskinnerfmm . 

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