Learning To Celebrate The Little Moments

…any reason to treat yourself to a G&T and celebrate right?! 

Let me ask you something? Are you a glass half full person or a half glass empty person? If you have no idea what I mean then please Google it (but after you have read my post of course). If you are like me, then you will be a half glass empty kind of person. So no matter what you do, achieve or accomplish you look at the negative side of life over the positive. Sorry I am a negative Nancy. But this post in learning to celebrate more of the smaller things in life is trying to change that.

I will give you an example. Today when I was at the gym I ran for 10 mins straight. But because I wanted to push myself to run further than I had before I got annoyed because I had to stop and walk for 2 minutes. Very small but if I have my goal set on something I don’t like not achieving that. But instead I should celebrate the fact that even though I had to walk to catch my breath, I still ended up running 2.5 miles overall. PB right there!

There are so many small things that you do on a daily basis which you can actually give yourself more credit for and celebrate them. Just think about it. Have you done something today which you can actually turn into a positive? Did you push yourself out of your comfort zone somehow? Did you do something that you have been meaning to do for ages? Have you gone somewhere that you weren’t looking forward to?

By taking these little snippets of your day that you would actually look at in a negative way and turning it into a positive you can make your day 10x better already. These little things can also lead up to achieve those big goals which you would tell yourself aren’t possible. 

For me I want my blog to become my full time career. Yes this is a BIG dream and there is a high chance I won’t achieve this. But the little things like commenting on peoples posts, prewriting content and sorting out my emails. Those little things add up to this big goal. Blogmin is one of the most laborious things. I would rather be sunbathing on a beach somewhere hot than replying to my emails but its got to be done. 

And it is okay to reward yourself too! Have that G&T or get that jumper you have been admiring. Okay, if you tried and treated yourself for every little victory then you might either go bankrupt or be drunk every hour of the day. But if you feel like you have achieved something from these little moments then why not? You get the idea! As long as you are killing it then go for it! Share your little moment from today down below!

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