Back To Uni Lookbook

We aren’t talking about the PVC coats or 6 inch heels, we are talking about a realistic uni lookbook.

Back To Uni Lookbook

You know what some shops absolute miss out on? Student sections on their websites. I know what a lot of sites have them, like Pretty Little Thing and Miss Guided do… BUT. Now this is no shame to those brands but they aren’t proper student clothing. It is mostly targeted for night outs rather than the lecture side of things. Your hot pink knitted mini skirt, the boob tube with ’S A U C E’ bedazzled on the front, or that body con denim wash dress revelling 70% of your cleavage. I am sorry but I really don’t see myself strolling into a 9AM lecture wearing more than leggings and a jumper. That’s why I wanted to do this back to uni lookbook.

If I have learnt anything from my first year at uni it would be COMFORTABLE CONQUERS. Oh and that coffee is the way to a students heart – very important matter. Studying fashion at uni means that there is more of a sense of ‘dress to impress’ but mainly I saved this for London Fashion Week. Thats when we rolled out the whole PVC coat, embroidered heeled boots and cat eye sunglasses. So see what I mean – lectures = cosy comfy ‘I want to get back into bed’ vibes.

Also being at uni means you are spending £9K a year to attend university, and then you have your maintenance loan on top of that which means unless you have a money tree planted in your back garden, you have to scrimp a little. So I am making sure that whatever I include in this edit will be affordable and suitable for a student budget. You are welcome in advanced. 

Back To Uni Lookbook
The Cardigan

Honestly if you put anything in your wardrobe for university this year let it be a comfy AF cardigan. Cardigans have become a bit of a prevalent item in my wardrobe. You can dress them with jeans, or a skirt and by picking a neutral tone or monotone cardigan they fit well with most outfits. Want something a bit more chic? Then swap it out for a stylish blazer. 

Back To Uni Lookbook
The MOM Jean

Simple, classic, easy to style, wear and because they are a little baggy than the usual skin tight jean they offer that bit more comfort. You can match them with any tee and outwear and pull off a styled but easy look. 

The White Trainer

I know there is always that bit of reserve being white trainers because ‘You Don’t Want To Get The Dirty’ but come on… its not like you will be trekking through jungles or swamps in the middle of your lecture. White trainers not only look lush but also give an edge to an outfit. That ‘I wear white trainers which look dead sexy’ look. 

The Big Black Bag

As you can see from my pics, they all feature this River Island handbag which I bought purposefully for uni. I don’t get why brands suggest you buy ‘this tiny clear PVC bag’ which could only fit my memory stick and a chocolate bar in. You will need a bag big enough for your notebooks, you pencil case, your necessities. You get the idea. My suggestion – river island is the one. Or equally Gaston Luga is a good rucksack option, specifically if you take your laptop to uni – mine was kindly gifted to me back in August. (My code EMILYCLARE gives you 15% FYI).

The Black Puffer Coat

One thing I realised was that because you break up from uni earlier than normal term dates – you never really get to wear summer clothes to uni. But you are sure to need a coat for those rainy, windy and pretty crap mornings. Just grab a black puffer coat because it will be warm and weather proof and match any outfit. I have my eyes on a north face one (will break my bank but it looks worthwhile) but I do know Primark do banging alternatives. 

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6 responses to “Back To Uni Lookbook”

  1. priya says:

    Oh my goodness, I feel like any or all of my outfits for uni involve either a black puffer jacket, white trainers or super relaxed jeans, or all of them at once to be honest – and investing in a good black bag is so essential at the start of the year, learnt that the hard way haha x

  2. fashoonia says:

    Nice blog. Will you follow my blog please?

  3. Alice says:

    How do you find the confidence to pose for these photos? I always feel so awkward taking photos out and about!

    • Emily Clare says:

      To be honest, there wasn’t too many people around as it was like 9AM, but I also took it with my best friend before uni and she is always really good for making me feel comfortable! I guess sometimes you just have to go for it!!

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