Stop Saying I Won’t Be Able To Achieve My Dream

….if your dream is to be a a full time blogger, a policeman or an ice cream maker then why shouldn’t you achieve that? *rhetorical question*

Stop Saying I Won't Be Able To Achieve My Dreams

You know what annoys me? Apart from there being no coffee left in the house or McDonalds milkshake machine being broken (I swear it ALWAYS is). Its people frowning upon what you want to do or what goals/dreams you aspire to. I am in that situation now that I am being asked by family or friends what I want to do after university. Once you hit second year university I guarantee you will get asked this on the regular. You even start to ask yourself this. It was also one of the hot topics when leaving school… ‘Ahh so what are you going to do now?’ And TBH I HAVE NO CLUE. 

Stop Saying I Won't Be Able To Achieve My Dreams

At such a young age you are expected to have your whole life planned out to a tee. You are expected to know your dreams, be working towards them. Expected to go to the pristine high graded university to get said dreams achieved. We know the deal but lets just be a little bit realistic instead.

I have always known I want to do something in ‘fashion’. At first it was being a fashion buyer and I had my eyes fixed on the London College of Fashion. But stuff happens, you change your mind. I am still changing my mind over what I want to do when I leave uni but I do have some idea. Emphasise on ‘some‘ because they could change quicker than I can drink the cup of coffee currently in my hand. 

Stop Saying I Won't Be Able To Achieve My Dreams

Never did I think that blogging and doing my hobby could realistically become a job. I mean it isn’t viable at the moment but it is a dream that is becoming more real every week. I don’t make enough that I am matching my job. But when if I do then I would be the happiest girl alive. Blogging and social media is now something that I can confirm will be my future. Thats if instagram doesn’t shut down tomorrow. 

But for a lot of people the concept of blogging and being self-employed isn’t an ‘approved’ job. It’s not the most stable source of income I am fully aware of that. But that risk is there for any self employed role. But I thought about it and realised is any job stable? You never know what might happen in the future. The company you work for might go bust. They might make you redundant or you might fall ill and can’t work. But if its a risk you are willing to take because it is your dream job then why shouldn’t you take it? I know I would rather spend my life knowing I did what I wanted to, rather than looking back and wishing I had. 

Blogging now is a business and it is an industry in itself that people can make careers out of . Whether people agree with it or not. But like in anything you might chose to do career wise, there will always be people who will question it or feel like they have to voice their opinion about it. OKAY SHUT UP NOW KAREN, I DON’T CARE IF YOU THINK MODELLING ISN’T A CAREER’. 

Personally though, if I want to achieve my dream of being a full time blogger, and if thats what I want to do as a full time career then why can’t I? I read this post by Chloe Plumstead about women and earning money through blogging. She is very transparent in this post about her earnings and the way she has made her money. It is quite honestly inspiring. It highlights how bloggers are their own business owners.

To be able to say I run my own business, something which I built up from a hobby is a goal of mine. And I would be lying if I said that working being a bar, coming away stinking of alcohol so I can pay my petrol and buy the necessities is a motivation to make my blog successful. In fact it is my biggest motivation and its bloody good one. 

All in all, if you don’t have dreams you won’t have anything to aspire for, so where will you go?

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6 responses to “Stop Saying I Won’t Be Able To Achieve My Dream”

  1. Lucy says:

    I love this post Emily! You’re absolutely right, why shouldn’t we go after our dreams?! Whatever they may be! I never knew that being a blogger could be a realistic job when I first started blogging, I’d love to become a full time blogger, I’ve just got to strive for it and hopefully make it happen! x

    Lucy | http://www.lucymary.co.uk

    • Emily Clare says:

      Exactly Lucy. When I started blogging, I didn’t even dream that it could become a job. But now I am making a little bit of money the dream is slowly becoming more of a reality. But if I hadn’t stuck to it then I wouldn’t be where I am today.

  2. Great post and sooo refreshing to see more young people working towards their dreams! You can be anything you want with hard work and motivation. Good luck to you and I honestly think you will achieve your dreams!

  3. Aww I love this ❤️

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