The Essentials Edit: The Tan Handbag

Say hello to the tan handbag that will feature in nearly all my outfit picks from now on… 

The Essentials Edit: The Tan Bag

My bag collection is not something that I am overly proud of. My handbags generally follow the black and leather or suede theme… and its is not often that I treat myself to a new handbag. So that being said I hope you can paint the picture that my handbag collection isn’t the most extravagant or luxurious as I would hope. But we can all dream right? Then this tan handbag came along…

Being the boring bag person I am I realised that I actually hadn’t treated myself to a new handbag in two years. YIKES. Two years since I got a new handbag. Okay. If you count my River Island handbag then that statement isn’t true. However, to me that bag is ‘my uni bag’ and only used for uni. And technically I HAD to buy that when my old bag broke on me at the bus stop. I then had to do the mad dash to River Island to buy a bag that was somewhat suitable for me to put all my uni essentials in. This was all before my 10AM lecture. So yeah, that doesn’t count. 

The Essentials Edit: The Tan Bag

The only non-black handbag in my collection is an orange (everyone says it is red but bitch its orange) New Look handbag that I bought for my sixth form prom. Its a more dressier handbag and because it is suede I only bring it out on nice occasions. Other than that my other handbags have been black, and NOT A SUITABLE SIZE. 

So this ladies and gentleman, this handbag is my attempt of drifting away from the black handbag issue. 

It began with me strolling into Topshop and having a look at all the gorgeous handbags. I previously knew I wanted to buy a new handbag so I had done a little bit of online research and gawping at all the different options. However naturally I always drift towards Topshop for handbags. I like the quality and the uniqueness of their handbags. A win win really. This is then where I bought the CARRIE Tan Crocodile Shoulder Bag. Hello new dream bag! At the same time I saw a few others which I contemplated. There was a see-through one which I loved but it was less on the practical side if it rained. 

I thought the tan bag was a good alternative and staple handbag to put into my collection. I like the idea of getting an olive colour handbag. Or a white one, but I wanted one that could go with lots of my outfits. Because we have now gathered I don’t buy new handbags on the regular I have to make the purchase worth it! 

I chose this tan bag specifically because it seemed the right size. Not too big and clunky, but big enough to fit all the essentials like your keys, your purse, your phone and your chargers in. You get the picture. But also the glossed and embossed crocodile texture makes it look effortlessly chic and expensive. Something easily wearable during the day and night. 

I also think it is the perfect autumn bag don’t you think?

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  1. priya says:

    I’m in love with that bag!! And it goes with that outfit perfectly! Great choice x

  2. Alice says:

    Love the bag! You look stunning in these photos!

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