Everything You Need To Know About Sustainable Style

The one blog post you need to read about slow sustainable styling. Who to follow, where to shop and WHY it is important…

Everything You Need To Know About Sustainable Style

If anything can be guaranteed about the fashion industry and blogging, it will be the ever growing prevalence of sustainability in fashion. With global issues surrounding our climate, and fast fashion, sustainability is high on the marks of ‘things to change’ in the fashion industry. Many bloggers are behind this change too. So we all gather what sustainability is right? The whole producing clothing in an ethical and non-damaging way, and paying workers and equal and non-discriminative wage. And it also includes more simpler things like re-using clothing. Or being more mindful of what you buy, giving to charity shops not landfill etc. All ringing a bell??

Everything You Need To Know About Sustainable Style

I first looked at sustainability during my first year at university and we ended up watching Stacey Dooleys Investigations ‘Fashions Dirtiest Secrets’. It is such an eye opening documentary, plus she is a mega style icon for me. Its a good watch if you have never really looked into sustainability in the fashion world before. It was definitely a bit of a turning point for me watching that documentary. But I am NOT PERFECT. In fact I am very much a beginner to the whole sustainability thing. So that’s why I thought I would put together a little kit – a starter kit if you like – if you are like me and want to know a bit more about it. I feel like I have found a few hidden GEMS but I would also love to see your recommendations down below!

Everything You Need To Know About Sustainable Style

Who To Follow?

@robyn.elizabeth_ – Robyn is one of the biggest advocates I know for sustainable living and fashion. With every post she rights a little something about what she believes in and it is very motivating. She is super mindful and informative… trust me you will learn SO much from her!

@theannaedit – Anna is one of my biggest blogging inspirations but also she was the one who got me into the whole capsule wardrobe type of thing. I am not as strict as she is as I do treat myself to the odd new bit, but she has made me more aware of what I am buying and what I need in my wardrobe.

@livpurvis – Now I am an avid follower (okay casual stalker) of her blog. It’s just so gorgeous. And I stumbled across her blog post about not buying any new clothes for a whole month. This makes me REALLY want to try this. She was very honest in her blog posts about it too which I loved. A MUST read.

@thrift_nikita_ann – I came across Nikita’s account when she followed me on facebook and I was pretty much in awe. Not only does she share some gorgeous looks using her sustainable finds but she also set herself the challenge of not buying anything for a whole year. I am going to link her Go Fund me page for it here because in that year she is raising money to go towards the WWF charity whilst doing the challenge. What a fab idea!

Where To Buy From

Without a doubt the most sustainable places to buy your clothes from are second hand websites, or charity shops. Places like Depop are great for advocating second hand shopping. People like me or you can selling any good condition clothing we no longer want to someone who might LOVE it. But there are highstreet and high end brands who also vouch for more sustainable morals.

H&M Conscious Shop – When you think of high street you don’t typically link it to sustainability. High street stores are often linked with the killer fast fashion. H&M stands out from that stereotype. With a whole sustainability section on their website, they are open about their future sustainability goals. Their conscious shops promises 100% sustainably sourced cotton for all of their basics.

Veja – I first came across this trainer brand on Instagram because I thought their shoes were totally gorgeous. Little did I know their trainers are eco friendly. They are made out of recycled plastics and rubber and source fair trade fabrics. They realise the importance of social responsibility linking to sustainability. For a brand to be completely sustainable like they are is groundbreaking.

Stella McCartney – One of the more higher end and luxurious brands known for their sustainability efforts is Stella McCartney. They have been leather free for many years and have joined the fur free circle. They have a huge mission statement making them stand out amongst other non-sustainable rivals.

Of course they are many other shops out there, from independent businesses, Etsy shops and large chain stores but these are a few of my favourites. Many shops like H&M, M&S and others do schemes where by returning a bag of clothes you get a gift card to spend in store. So remember that when you have your new wardrobe clear out.

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