Why I Think Style Really Transforms In Autumn

Autumn is coming. I REPEAT AUTUMN IS COMING.

Why I Think Style Really Transforms In Autumn

Guys… I don’t want to alarm you but autumn is literally just around the corner… quite literally. Its like just as September started a switch flipped in everyones heads like ‘OH MY GOSH ITS NOW AUTUMN’. I can see some people trying to hold on to the last strings of summer but I am here writing this post with my pumpkin scented candle lit and my jumper on. Oh boy its autumn all right! 

Don’t get me wrong autumn isn’t in full force yet. If you dare try and step on public transport or the tube right now with full on autumnal gear there is a high chance you will melt. But the coats are coming baby! Too damn exciting! 

Why I Think Style Really Transforms In Autumn

I know that by the time January comes around I will be craving a bit of warm weather. But for the next couple of months I am going to be fully embracing the autumn wardrobe. If you know me, or have read my blogs you will know I take a great deal of pride in my jumper collection. FUN FACT: 90% of the time I am freezing cold. I will sleep with a winter duvet and throw on my bed all year around even when it is heat wave central. I know my body thermostat must be slightly off. But autumn means I can FINALLY wear all the jumpers and not get judged for it. 

But even more so than that, I always think style just transforms when autumn hits. I always prefer looking at AW catwalks over SS collections. I think coats, boots, turtlenecks and I am just in AWE. There is also something about autumnal styles that means you can pull off last years jumpers and coats so you can save yourself a bit of money. Stylish and savvy eyyyy?! 

Why I Think Style Really Transforms In Autumn

Actually I really enjoy my autumnal wardrobe. I am guaranteed to live in jumpers during autumn. Especially as they come into hand for uni when you just want to throw something comfy on for your 9AM lecture. I am really excited to bring it out in all its glory as I feel like I have collated some good pieces. Like my camel coat which I am going to wear non-stop. Having this little foundation to an autumn wardrobe already means I can pick up some new bits if I wish. But I only need a few bits, not a whole new wardrobe. 

I also like getting into coat season. There is something I just love about coat shopping. It got to the point last autumn my mum got a little worried about how many coats I actually have. I think if you could think of one, I probably have it. Black puffer coat? Got it. Trendy but practical rain mac? Got it. Tweed jacket? I got it all babe. 

In autumn you can also start layering items of clothing. The art of layering clothing is always really fun. It allows you to experiment with your own personal style whilst staying attached to a trend. Think turtle necks, long sleeved tees, mesh tops and jackets galore. I am looking forward to coming up with some quirky outfits and seeing if I can pull them off.

For me (if you haven’t quite gathered already) there is something about wrapping up warm, putting on a pair of boots with some fluffy socks underneath, grabbing a Pumpkin Spice Latte from Starbucks and walking up to uni. These cosy vibes are coming and I am ready. 

What do you enjoy about autumnal styles?

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