How To Overcome The Temporary Ban On Instagram

Even though it might feel it, your life doesn’t end when you get a temporary ban on Instagram… trust me.

How To Overcome The Temporary Ban On Instagram

You’re just catching up on engaging on your news feed, you’re liking you comments on your latest photo, or replying back to comments and BOOM you get that dread ‘Instagram had Temporarily Blocked You’ pop up. Yes THAT ONE. I have had the temporary ban on instagram three times now and to be honest I am a little bit sick of it. The first time I ever received it I instantly hopped onto Google to find out how long it lasts. You know you are told never to Google your symptoms when you ill because you might end up diagnosing yourself with some random illness?? Well I kinda starting do that with this. Different websites would telling me it would only last a few hours. Then some were saying their account was only back to normal after a months. I did get heart palpitations when I saw the month bit.

How To Overcome The Temporary Ban On Instagram

Yes, temporary bans are Instagram’s way to stopping those nasty spam comments we get on our posts. But it doesn’t seem to be doing the job when WE get the bans and those annoying AF spam companies ‘wanting us to be the next hot influencer’ are still commenting on our posts. My main way of growth is to connect with other bloggers on Instagram – not spamming on anyway shape or form. But because of that I will be blocked. I now laugh when I get one as it almost forces me to have a mini insta-detox. However considering I have had a few and now know what to do I thought I would share my knowledge. Saving you from that ‘Oh My God I Have Lost My Instagram Account’ worry.

If You Got A Ban From Replying To The Comments On Your Post…

This was the most recent type of ban I got (look at me the master of the bans…) and I was like OH WOW. I mean replying to the comments on MY OWN PHOTO. I know another blogger messaged me about this saying she got a liking ban for liking the comments on her pic. All bans tend to happen when you do an action too fast. The way I rectified this ban was that I clicked on the button on the pop up to report an error. Pretty much instantly my ban was lifted. Whether it was because I pressed it within seconds of getting the ban or Instagram realised it was my own photo, I don’t know. But its worth a shot.

How Long Do Bans Last?

If you read somewhere that they only last a few hours then I wouldn’t get your hopes up. I know some bloggers who have been fortunate to have that happened. But nearly 99% of the time they will last at least 24 hours. Some bans can get up to 48 hours but that isn’t common.

How To Overcome The Temporary Ban On Instagram

What To Do When You Get A Ban

If you get a ban from liking or commenting on other peoples posts then leave it. Don’t like or comment on posts for 24 hours. For me this was the hardest part because I am always trying to connect and engage – its like a habit. But think of it as a little instagram detox. Sometimes it is good to step back and have a little break so try and see it as that.

What Happens After The Ban Gets Lifted?

Once the temporary ban on instagram gets lifted you will be able to like or comment on posts again. During the ban, dependent on whether it was for likes or comments you can still do the vice versa. So I could still like posts whilst I got banned from commenting. But just do it with caution – yah don’t want one big mega ban do yah? I hate to break it to you but when the ban is lifted it doesn’t just go back to normal. After the first ban I got, I started commenting like usual straight away and I got banned again. The more bans you get in a row, the more likely Instagram are to lock your whole account. So at least give it 48 hours to clear.

How To Overcome The Temporary Ban On Instagram

How Long Will It Take To Get Back To Normal?

There is no guarantee and it depends what the normal is for you. If you like engaging actively on other posts then four to five days – maximum a week. After 48 hours, start commenting and liking, but not excessively. Let instagram realise your engagement is authentic not spam. Maybe between 10-20 comments, and don’t push it. Then just keep increasing it until you are back to normal.

How Do You Avoid The Temporary Ban On Instagram?

In some ways you can’t. Sometimes even if you are just catching up ion your feed after a long day at work it can happen. Make sure not to comment short comments or just emojis. Give a 10-15 second gap between comments and use similar words to what they use in their caption. Plus the more authentic you are the more they are likely to recognise you and follow you back. So win win right?

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