Trends To Look Out For in Transitional Dressing

How to keep your transitional wardrobe looking flawless when the weather is so unpredictable…

Trends To Look Out For in Transitional Dressing
*This post includes a gifted top from Femme Luxe Finery*

With autumn slowly creeping up on us, the pumpkin spice lattes being advertised and the weather getting slightly more temperamental we can safely say we are heading into that awkward transitional clothing moment. All of last years boxy knits are making their reappearance whilst we are also trying to wear our floral dresses at least one more time. This all goes alongside the attempt to stay some what on trend. And for us fashion bloggers, our job somewhat relies on that. But it is that time of year where one minute it is sunny and the next the heavens have opened and we just want to bundle up in front of a fire. This bipolar weather behaviour leaves us all thinking ‘What the hell I am going to wear?’ and we end up throwing a black jumper and black jeans on instead.

Trends To Look Out For in Transitional Dressing

I am not in the position to be telling you, you should be buying this, or you HAVE to wear this to stay on trend. Come on we don’t have the bank accounts for changing our clothing every five minutes. But if you are in a bit of a transitional funk then there are really cheap alternatives in some of your high street faves. Or to get on the sustainability bandwagon, second hand sites always hold little gems. But none the less here are some of the transitional trends your should try and incorporate into your SS to AW19 wardrobe.

Pretty Polka Dots

The ease of wearing polka dots between summer and autumn is that they hold onto that summery feel, but they can easily be taken into the winter vibes. Look at that Zara dress for example. Yes THAT Zara dress. The one that has been so damn popular that it even has its own Instagram page. The print has taken the industry by storm and by matching it with a pair of trainers rather than sandals, it gives it that more autumnal feel.

Not only is polka dots taking over maxi dresses, but they also look great on a mesh top. For example, this one gifted to me by Femme Luxe Finery adds the black polka dots on top of the black mesh. Don’t you just keep seeing those beaut tops with the mesh spotty sleeves on Insta? Well this can be added to that list amongst the many other gorgeous ones out there – it will be a long list.

Trends To Look Out For in Transitional Dressing

Boxy Blazers

This one, without a doubt is a trend we are all jumping on and are LOVING. The blazer allows a light weight jacket feel whilst giving that extra bit of sophistication to an outfit. We know that its not time to bring to the thick winter coats – I mean you would melt in one of those with the temps still being fairly high. But the blazer adds shape to an outfit. Get your shoulder pads out, match it with a lush belt and you will look like the ultimate girl boss.

Get Yourself A Jumpsuit

I know I have gone on about jumpsuits a fair bit lately especially as I have just done a blog post on my new favourite boiler suit which I am obsessing over. However jumpsuits have to be a staple in a transition wardrobe. Whether long-sleeved or short sleeved jumpsuits are actually much more versatile than you think. You can put a classic leather jacket over the top, or even through a jumper on over the top and give the illusion you are wearing a pair of cool ass trousers.

Layer It Up

This one speaks for itself really. More of a practical side than a trend but on those rainier, colder and more dull days layers are pretty essential. I for one know that by the time you wrap yourself up warm for the trips into university or work you have to take them all off because the central heating at said work or university will be cranked up on full. So add those polar necks, the cardigans, the t-shirts under t-shirts and style those layers rather than just having to deal with them. Did you know I was wearing a black cami underneath this mesh top?? Seeeeee layering!!

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