The Essentials Edit: The Converse

… I will always ALWAYS approve of a good pair of converse.

The Essentials Edit: The Converse

Converse and I, well we have a bit of a relationship. It first blossomed when I picked up a sparkly silver sequin pair in a Converse outlet in Florida. I thought I was so god damn cool with them and they were my ‘special shoes’. You know that pair that we want to wear but only on special occasions? Yeah, these were 11 year old Emily’s choice.

A couple of years later, when I went back to Florida, I got another pair. But this time I got the classic white converse. I honestly don’t think you can have a complete wardrobe without a pair of white converse. Mine sadly got too brown and actually they looked tanned not white anymore. Those babies are hence not with us today. Afterwards, there was definitely a converse shaped hole in my heart when they went in the bin. That reminds me… student loan in a few months = must treat myself to a new pair.

The Essentials Edit: The Converse
The Essentials Edit: The Converse

Knowing that they were the most comfortable shoes I owned, I actually went and got some more when I went to Birmingham a year and a half ago. I went for a Chuck 70 Vintage Canvas High Top – yep those beauties above. They suit my feet perfectly, and are the longest lasting pair of trainers I think I own. These don’t even look battered – which I pride myself in considering how long I have had them.

I then purchased the Chuck Taylor All Star Classic ones in black. A controversial choice knowing how much I loved the white ones, however I knew they would be worn to death and I wanted them to last longer. They are starting to show their wear – not that you can tell. But they are my ‘driving shoes’ – yes I am already at that stage where I have driving shoes – and you can tell. The base, by the toes, is peeling away from the fabric where I have my foot on the clutch. Nothing that a tad bit of super glue won’t fix. But that shoes how much I have worn them right??

Lastly in my small, but ESSENTIAL collection of converse I have the Chuck Taylor All Star Mono Leather pair. This is more of a work essential as when working behind a bar it is inevitable you will ruin a good pair of shoes. But because they are leather I can just wipe them off and they will be as good as new. They are comfort and practical all in one… an absolute life saver for those 12 hour shifts.

Converse will always been an obsession of mine. They are just that little bit chicer and classy than some trainers, and by getting a bold colour pair you can add that perfect touch to an outfit. They also make me feeling like I am back in Florida… NoStAlGiC oR wHaT?!

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4 responses to “The Essentials Edit: The Converse”

  1. priya says:

    Could not agree more!! I’ve only got two Converse with me at the moment, an ankle pair of black classic black Cons and the same high-top version. My ankle Converse are definitely on their way out, but I’m obviously going to end up buying another pair eventually. Such an essential! x

  2. Lauren Brooker says:

    Converse are such an essential and are so easy to style! I have the black and white high top converse but I want to get some of the black and white low top ones as well x

    Lauren | itslaurenvictoria.co.uk

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