My Favourite Activewear Brands

Activewear set and ready to sweat… *puts on running playlist*

*This post features gifted activewear*

My Favourite Activewear Brands
My Favourite Activewear Brands

I have always found a need for some good and decent activewear. I have always been sporty – I mean I am not the athletic olympic runner build, but I have done sports all my life. Even now, when I don’t ‘do any sports’ as such I go to the gym at least three times a week. I have always found investing in some practical gym pieces motivating and confidence boosting. Therefore it is something I am a little bit happier to spend my money on. For me, you know you have found some good fitness bits when you don’t worry about what you look like in the gym. You don’t have to worry about the sweat patches. You aren’t worried that when you squat you will be showing the entirety of the gym what underwear you are wearing. And most importantly you aren’t feeling self conscious.

I also think spending a bit of money on the gym pieces in your wardrobe is OKAY. After hanging up the leotards after my gymnastic days I knew I had to stay active so I started hitting the weights at the gym. Your gym wear really take a bit of battering so spending money on something that will last longer is my go to. I like my leggings to be supportive, high waisted and tough so that they support my legs on leg day and don’t show if I have had a binge on chocolate. My sports bras need to be VERY supporting, so those bad boys don’t knock me out when I am running. So here are the brands that I turn to and will always turn to when I need new pieces.

My Favourite Activewear Brands

Gym Shark

Yep. That classic gym girl brand but boy oh boy do I love them. I think I originally came across the brand on Instagram after following some new fitness inspos. This has to be MY FAVOURITE activewear brand solely because the fit and design of the pieces are amazing. They are made out of breathable fabric, you never get any sweat patches with them, and they mould to the skin so well. I have a berry set and a black set. They do loads of different capsules – all of which just SCREAM to me – and their designs are practical yet super trendy. The quality is pretty top notch too. Can’t fault it.

Melany K

I have recently discovered this brand after they sent me these cropped leggings featured in my pics. These are the type of leggings that can be worn for all sports. Their pieces are versatile, comfortable and the mesh detailing is just right up my street. Activewear doesn’t get more practical than this. They have leggings and sports bras with ZIPS. Yes I repeat zips. So you can pop your phone, headphones, loose change, or key to your gym locker in them. I have never worn crop leggings before these, I thought they would make my legs look chunky. But low and behold I actually love them and they sit so comfortably on the hips.

Under Armour

I actually discovered Under Armour when I last went to America. For me their tops are the star of the show because boy do they show the test of time. I think I have had mine at least 4/5 years and it still does the job. I find them affordable and they just do classic and comfortable gym pieces for anyone of any size. The tops are very lightweight too, making them perfect for a bit sweaty HIIT session.

Nike & Converse

These two brands are so so so different, and I don’t think a lot of people would put Converse in the mix. But it might make you gasp when you listen to my recommendation. Of course Nike has to be thrown in the mix. I have worn several Nike trainers. I actually don’t run in them, as I don’t think they suit my feet for running. HOWEVER, when I am doing my normal gym routine, and some HIIT they are my go to because they are flexible and easy to move in. I also am throwing converse in there for comfort. I have never felt anything more comfortable then a beaut pair of Converse. But also they are really good for the heavy weight gym session. Because they are flat soled, they work really well when lifting heavy weights because they won’t cause your feet to role. Bet you didn’t know that!!

What activewear brands do you have in your wardrobe??

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