Let’s Talk About The Boiler Suit

*Warning* Once you put this boiler suit on you will never want to wear anything else AGAIN.

Let's Talk About The Boiler Suit

I remember asking into a lecture last year and one of my course mate was wearing this denim boiler suit. And I was like ‘oh my gosh that gorgeous’. And alas, the trend for boiler suits started creeping up. Now this summer, boiler suits, long or short are literally EVERYWHERE. I don’t think I can have a scroll through my Instagram feed without seeing one. But I didn’t actually have one. Until last week and I stepped into H&M.

I think if you went and asked a lot of bloggers what they loved wearing this summer, a boiler suit will be up there with some of the answers. And possibly a floral dress. We can’t forget about that. I was pretty surprised that I actually managed to resist until only a week ago to buy one. However I am glad I did because in my opinion I think I got a guddon’.

Let's Talk About The Boiler Suit

I am a bit of a denim slave i.e. you will find my wearing a pair of jeans most likely 90% of the time. Especially as autumn is creeping up on us, the whole throw a jumper and pair of jeans on scenario is just too damn easy. No one notices if you are wearing the same pair of jeans from yesterday. You don’t really realise you have an addiction until you find you have worn jeans every single day. I am on a bit of a mission to stop this. And I am hoping that the fact I can’t take this boiler suit off will help.

OKAY. Not literally. I am not glued into it. However my new love for it and its colour has made it very hard to take off and wear anything else. That and my new grey fleece *which is like heaven* is the only things I am wearing at the moment. Sorry to the entirety of my wardrobe that I have just abandoned.

This boiler suit is now a bit of a wardrobe staple in my eye. There are MANY reasons that I could bang on about why I am in love with it but I want to start with the style. Unlike other jumpsuits, I find boiler suits to be a little bit more structured. You have the pockets on the breasts and side of the legs, the defined neckline and the belt that pinches in at the waist. This H&M Beige Boiler Suit also has slightly flared sleeves which makes your shoulders more prominent. Therefore pulling in that was it even more. The tricks that a little dramatic sleeve can do eh?

I also want to pick up on the colour. Beige/neutral/nude whatever you want to call it. It is a trend and if you haven’t picked up on it then girlllll come on!! Its a colour that looks cracking on anyone and is so versatile. It is also perfect for that summer/autumn transition period where we are left thinking ‘WTF do I even wear in this weather?’. Even though I look a bit like I am about to go on a safari, I think this jumpsuit is easy to style because neutral colours are very easy to wear.

Let's Talk About The Boiler Suit

The ease of a boiler suit is that I think it could also be made dressier. Pop on a pair of heels, and a leather jacket and you are suited and booted for a nice meal out. Or you can pop on a roll neck underneath and keep it going in the colder weather. The whole vibe makes it comfortable but cool. I think if I’d saw walking down the street, or in the shopping mall wearing this I think they were dead cool. I matched it with my new Topshop Carrie Tan Crocodile Shoulder Bag (yes I treated myself to a new handbag) and my white Primark sandals – aka the most worn footwear in my collection this summer. Have you got a boiler suit?

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