How To Discover Your Writing Style

The crème de la crème of my writing style tips… aka be YOU!

How To Discover Your Writing Style

Starting a blog can actually be extremely daunting. You don’t now what to write and how to write a blog post, and what the heck is SEO?! Trust me I am still working that one out. But after 3 and a half years of blogging, one thing I have realised about writing a blog is that its mainly about your writing style. I mean don’t get me wrong. Its about your content too *can’t forget that LOL* but I think people underestimate the power of the way you write. Back in April I had to do a lecture all about blogging. Yeah that’s right. I wasn’t listening to a lecture as I normally do. I was actually HOLDING THE LECTURE. So part of this blog post is inspired by that.

How To Discover Your Writing Style

I think it is natural for any blogger, whether you have just started, or have been blogging for ten years, to lose yourself. Sometimes we can come across a writers block – and let me tell you its the worst. Mine normally involves a lot of chocolate binging sessions to try and make me feel that little bit better. But like mental blocks, you will overcome it and you will find your writing style.

Most importantly, the way you write has to come naturally to you, and that takes time to happen. The more you write, the better you will be. I am not a perfect writer. I skim through my blogs so quickly before I post them there will always be some sort of grammar or spelling mistake. However when I look back at my first blog post – ‘What Is In My Bag’ – I can tell I am not that plastic, bubbly, all things sequins and beauty girl anymore.

If I could describe my writing style when I first started blogging it would be ‘cringe’. There is that sense of all things positive, airy fairy and that-forceful-smile-like-I-have-no-issues-at-all look. However many years down the line A LOT has changed. Even now, I am still redefining my writing style. Sometimes I will chuck the odd slang, abbreviated word in. Or sometimes I will find myself writing in a more mature tone. And I am like where the heck has this come from? I think it is just maturity, discovering what I REALLY want to write and confidence. I did a little soppy Instagram post about people giving my blogs lately some love – getting the odd DM about a post. It means so much to me and that confidence means people like what I am writing. So I am going to carry on like that.

I feel like it is always best to include a bit of you in your tone. You want your readers to feel like you are directly chatting to them. If you are pretending to be someone else then people can actually pick up on that. Sometimes being real is best. Sometimes this might include spending hours re-writing posts. Or looking at notes that you have stored on your phone and tweaking them or looking at old posts to find what you want to change. Also if you are writing about something you enjoy, then the words and your style will come naturally.

Really it seems simple. If you have that creativity to right fluffy and light hearted reviews then let it out. Another important tip is to worry less. All bloggers will get that ounce of anxiety over their posts. Will it do well? Will people read it like I mean it? What stats will it get? But by worrying you will actually end up damaging your writing. Freedom will allow you to be yourself. One of the best ways is to write blog post is to write one that you will want to read – pretend it is someone elses post. Maybe your favourite bloggers…

How To Discover Your Writing Style

Finally, I think inspiration is key. If you have never read a single blog post, or you have only ever read one blogger then you won’t have inspiration to progress your writing. By exploring, and looking at the way other people write, it might make you realise what you actually want to be writing like.

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10 responses to “How To Discover Your Writing Style”

  1. A.nina says:

    Amazing tips dear.
    Lovely outfit! xoxo


  2. Really needed this blog post this week Emily 🌟🌟 thank you so so much for sharing. Such a valuable tip you shared “… by worrying you will actually end up damaging your writing. Freedom will allow you to be yourself. One of the best ways to write a blog post is to write one that you will want to read”. Honestly you don’t understand how much reading them words helped me.

  3. Lauren Brooker says:

    Loved reading this! Your blog has become one of my favourites. I really enjoy reading your posts. Reading other blog posts always inspires me to get back into writing x

    Lauren | itslaurenvictoria.co.uk

  4. Lucy says:

    I would describe my writing as CRINGE when I first started blogging! I get anxiety when I post blog posts, I always worry about whether people will like it or even read it! x

    Lucy | http://www.lucymary.co.uk

    • Emily Clare says:

      Ahh mine was SO cringe too! You shouldn’t write posts because of what other people think though girl. Write what you want to write and read and you will be fine!

  5. Amazing post dear!
    I think it’s very important to not sound too forced and like you said let the reader know you. As if you are speaking to them.
    I’ve noticed that when a post comes from the heart, the words and the inspiration will flow with them.
    Your blog looks amazing btw
    lots of love,
    Rose http://www.rainbowsdreamcloud.com

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