The Books I Read In July

Need some new books to read… These are the ones I read in July.

The Books I Read In July

So as I am supposedly going through this ‘personality change’. I.e no drinking, productive af and organised to a tee, I felt like I should try and add reading to the list. AKA I am pretty much ageing myself by 40 years but I don’t care. I haven’t set myself any ‘I have to read this many books by this time’ challenge. Realistically with my job and blog that won’t happen. But, if I get sucked into a book I know I can’t put it down. Like EVER. It will be glued to my hands until I have read it at least six times.

I got through two books in July. Both of them are very different to each other so the little mix was refreshing. The fact I even read two books might be due to the late night reading sessions until 1AM and the well known phrase ‘Oh I’ll just read a little bit more’. I do find a satisfaction when finishing a book. Especially a fiction book, because I just can’t wait to find out what happens.

The Books I Read In July

The New Fashion Rules by Victoria Magrath

A non-fiction book covering everything from head to toe fashion, journalism, catwalk, innovations and the internet. Victoria has included everything that you need to know all about crucial moments in fashion, secrets into the blogging world and how to keep up with the ever growing industry. The book is split into six rules, to guide you through the depths of the fashion world. Perfect for fashion students or anyone who has in interest in blogging, clothing or media, this book is inspiring.

I got this book for Christmas, and I have only just gotten around to reading it. However I am glad that I picked it up. It has unleashed a load of inspiration for my next year at university. The information about brands, designers and role models has left me with ideas I would never have come up with without it. I felt the book covered the grounds of everything in the fashion industry well and really concisely. It wasn’t solely focused on one aspect which I loved because you can learn so much. As a fashion student, I say this is a must read because it taught me so much about the profession I am going into. I also love how Victoria makes it really personal. She talks about her favourite brands, her opinion on issues, whilst keeping it lighthearted. I was able to read it with ease and real quick.

The Books I Read In July

Friend Request by Laura Marshall

Maria Weston wants to be friends on Facebook. But Maria died 25 years ago. Friend Request flips between 1989 and 2016 from when Louise is in secondary school, to when she is in her mid forties. 1989 was when Maria moved to Louise’s school. Despite hearing rumours about Maria, Louise and Maria spark a friendship. That is until Louise risks it all to be apart of the popular group. A group of girls who despite not knowing Maria, make her life a misery. Fast forward to 2016 Louise is a divorcee with 4 year old Henry. After having a tough time, and getting this ‘friend request’ she is lead down a path that could uncover her secret of 25 years. A secret that could ruin her life as she knows it.

I have never read a psychological thriller before this one. I am very much a airy fairy romance book kinda gal. To be honest, I wasn’t sure what I was going to think of it. And actually, I loved how gripping it was, and scary because the content is very relatable to today. I found it slightly hard at the beginning to connect to the character Louise. She is a middle aged women, and I am not. However with the story flicking eras, this made it more possible. I found it really hard to predict how the story line would go. Even when you thought it was over, something else would happen to make you read on.

Let me know what you read in July and whether I should read it.

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  1. Emma Lisa says:

    I’ve been wanting to read The New Fashion Rules for ages because I love Victoria’s videos! Friend Request sounds really good too x


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