I Asked 6 Bloggers What Their Summer Clothing Staple Was – Here’s What They Said

Getting all the goss from my fave fashion bloggers about what their summer staple was this year…

I Asked 5 Bloggers What Their Summer Clothing Staple Was - Here's What They Said

Something that has struck me this year in terms of summer clothing is how our favourite high street shops are literally CRUSHING the game. I went into Topshop this morning for a wonder (had to pick myself up a cheeky handbag in the process) and I thought to myself ‘Wow Topshop has upped their game’. And I think that goes for a lot of other high street shops too. Before this year I would never really venture that far into H&M, now it has become one of, if not my favourite shop.

I wrote this blog post last month about being more aware of my personal style. Since upping my blogging game, I have almost become more acquainted with different trends, and styles, and it has made me more aware of how I want to dress. I would have labelled my style as ‘classic’. You know, the classic white tee and black jeans kinda gal. Through in a few stripes or jumpers here and there too. But take today for example I have just gone and bought my first boiler suit! Way out of my comfort zone but its bloody lush.

So with the shops and brands literally pulling off all the stops and selling the most beaut floral maxi skirts and paper bag trousers, I wanted to see what other bloggers were loving this summer. It got me thinking whether we all follow similar trends, and I would love to try out some other stuff and venture into new trends. Here are the results.

Robyn Poppy

I Asked 5 Bloggers What Their Summer Clothing Staple Was - Here's What They Said

“My go to clothing item this summer is actually footwear related (so not sure if this counts!), but it has to be my doc marten sandals. I got them last summer and added a glittery pair to my collection this summer as well. They’re basically the comfiest sandals ever and perfect for walking about in London! They’re also a little bit edgy so look great paired with a pretty floral dress. I’ll be sad when the weather gets miserable and I won’t be able to wear them until next year! “

James Scoffin

I Asked 5 Bloggers What Their Summer Clothing Staple Was - Here's What They Said

“The Summer Shirt. Every year, it’s common to find clothing retailers jumping at the chance to repeat styles that have amazing demand in their stores. One piece of clothing which is no exception is the classic men’s ‘summer shirt’. Although patterns are altered to suit a brands key theme for that year, their styles remain very, very similar.. if not the same! It’s the classic case of ‘if it’s not broken, don’t fix it!’ Zara and Primark have definitely been my go-to stores this summer for these shirts as I have found the quality to be great for the price and the pieces are definitely something that I can see myself wearing next summer too – which is great for you fashion lovers that are on a budget!

Top tip: If you love fashion but don’t have the resource to buy lots of items, then 1) see how you can change up how an item looks – sometimes just by tucking clothing in, layering differently or adding accessories can make a completely new look! And 2) think ahead – is this shirt going to be something that I’m likely to want to wear next year too? Is it something that is going to be on trend for a while?

Find Images and links here to my favourite pieces from this year to either buy for yourself or to act as inspiration for any summer holidays you have coming up towards the end of August: Zara Bamboo Shirt and Zara Poplin Shirt

Sophie Axon

“Anything linen and white has had my heart this summer. Regardless of the weather, I’ve found myself reaching time and time again for a white linen shirt or a white linen dress. I love how diverse they can be – they look great with every colour and texture which has brilliant when rediscovering old items in my wardrobe. They are also staples in the fact that they have been perfect for casual and smart events, as well as hot and cold weather. Also. Brown mules? It’s a yes from me. They can really transform the most simple of outfits, making you look chic and put together in any situation. Oh, and most importantly, they combine comfort with style”

Styles Of Sophie

“My go to favourite item this summer has been (and still is) a midi skirt! They are just so versatile as can be dressed down with trainers and a slogan or band tee and then dress up with heels and a strappy top! I’ve bought my fair share this summer but I know they will take my through to autumn paired with a knitted jumper so they’re definitely an essential in your wardrobe!”

Lucy Cole

“My go-to piece this summer (and every summer) is a classic white dress. They’re such a staple in my summer wardrobe every year – easy to style, simple and the BEST compliment to a tan. The risk of spilling something down yourself in a white dress is definitely worth the risk for me!”

Kate Yuille – Ultra Sophisticate

“When it comes to my summer clothing essential it was always going to be a dress of some kind. I live in dresses all summer, both maxi and short. Not only are they easy to throw on to instantly look put together, but also they are perfect on the hotter days too for all occasions. Wrap dresses specifically have ended up being all I seem to buy this year! I’m loving patterned ones from the brand Dancing Leopard (I seem to be posting in them constantly on Instagram).”

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