Summer Lipstick: My Go To And Why

Because this lipstick looks chic as hell and lasts like a dream…

*The liquid lipstick in this post are a previous gift*

Summer Lipstick: My Go To And Why
Summer Lipstick: My Go To And Why

I feel like I have to do some sort of lipstick recommendation post at least once every six months. I did vow, at the beginning of the year, to write about my favourite lipstick each month. But in reality I don’t wear lipstick that often to judge different lipsticks like that. I am more of a ‘wear one lipstick and wear it for the next few months’ kinda girl.

A nude lip is just an all rounder in my book. So it is no wonder why this lipstick that has been ruling my summer makeup look is a nude bad boy. I wish I could do that whole bold lip look every day, but I just can’t. The main issue is that I eat too many messy foods for that so run the risk of wearing lipstick everywhere but my lips. I do dabble with a bold lip every now and then. They will come out on occasion. But the beauty of a nude?? GOES. WITH. EVERY. OUTFIT.

If I am just popping out to get some coffee from the shop, or grab some petrol, a clear balm (specifically apple scented) is my babe. But more recently I have been craving a bit more. I don’t always wear lipstick in the summer because it gets hot. It gets sticky. It gets a bit of a faff. However this liquid lipstick has changed the game.

This high street liquid lipstick by 3INA is my current summer fave. It is the Long Lasting Lipstick Mauve Metallic 505 and 501. I have been using this liquid lipstick on and off since I was gifted it about a year and a half ago. But I have been falling in love with it all over again. Its a good everyday option as it is light, dries quickly and is really pigmented. It is a mauve sort of colour which suits my skin tone better because anything too pale looks odd on my olive skin.

I like how the packaging shoes you the colour and the bottom of the bottle so that you can see the true colour. Easy when you just want to grab and go without picking up the wrong colour. Another thing I love about the packaging it that it is hard wearing g a sturdy. You can chuck it into the depths of your hand bag and not worry about it getting scratched or damaged. This is unlike my beloved MAC Velvet Teddy which sadly got crumpled into smithereens.

Summer Lipstick: My Go To And Why

If you are a bit of a matte lip lover like I am then this is also a great choice. The shine, gloss and get your hair stuck scenario is something I try to avoid. And I always find matte is a bit longer lasting! The applicator is also different than other liquid lipsticks – in a handy way. It is flatter than the average doe foot meaning you can really define your lips, and your cupids bow. I find this helpful especially as liquid lipstick is hard than just applying your regular lippy.

What lipstick have you been reaching to this summer?

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