The Essentials Edit: The Denim Skirt

Practical, cute and easy to dress up or down… the denim skirt.

The Essentials Edit: The Denim Skirt

One of the more worn bits of my wardrobe – apart from my grey jumper, my black jeans and slippers – is my denim skirt. For me the denim skirt will always be one of the more practical items in the wardrobe. Come winter and autumn, with a few layering and styling tips it can be a staple. Or in the summer its perfect if you want to wear as little as pos (heatwave I see you) whilst staying stylish.

The Essentials Edit: The Denim Skirt

I know not everyone is a short length skirt kinda gal but the pro of denim skirts is that they can be dressed up and down rather easily. For me in the summer there is no better combo than my denim skirt and cropped white tee. But in the winter my fave thing is to whack on a jumper and tighter and boots. If I keep going on I will start wishing winter upon us…

The Essentials Edit: The Denim Skirt

First up this skirt. This denim skirt is my go to out of the denim skirt section in my wardrobe. I make that sound like I have loads – I really don’t. Unless you are crazy and haven’t read my blog before (hint hint follow it) then you know I find Topshop is the BEST for denim pieces. Any jeans I buy will be Topshop. And this also applies for denim skirts. I find they are really true to size, and come in the shades that are ESSENTIAL. For me, blue denim skirts are more for casual occasions – and black denim skirts can be dressed up easily too.

So what about wearing them all year round? Easy peasy! The summer option is easy. You can put a bandeau top on for a lush barbecue/sun bathe session. You could add a loosing fitting basic white tee with some matching sandals. Then you can simply carry on the look in the winter with some ankle boots and a knitted jumper. How about a black denim skirt, deep red jumper and tan ankle boots. So festive and so lush! Can you see the potential for this to take place in your wardrobe now?

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4 responses to “The Essentials Edit: The Denim Skirt”

  1. Quinn says:

    Obsessed with denim skirts lately! They just go with everything. I love how chic this looks with the all black xx


  2. I admit it has been years since I have worn a denim skirt. I wear skirts mainly to work, and there denim is not dressy enough.

    Linda, Libra, Loca: Beauty, Baby and Backpacking

    • Emily Clare says:

      You could always try them when you aren’t at work. Plus you can get longer denim skirts, which with a nice top will be suitable for work!

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