Why I Won’t Venture Into YouTube

I’m sorry YouTube but you are not the one for me…

Why I Won't Venture Into YouTube

I think the whole YouTube topic is a very funny old thing to talk about. I can’t say I am really used to it not being a YouTuber. And for me to talk about it when really not knowing a lot about the platform is slightly odd.

A slightly weird and very embarrassing fact is that I actually used to have a YouTube channel… Yeah I know. I was 13 if that, thought I was being cool. God I even thought I had the perfect set up and I knew all about makeup etc… I can’t say it lasted too long and the cringe created from it still exists. It sends shivers down my spine even thinking about it.

But now I am a little bit older, wiser and surrounded by people who would be more accepting of my choices I still follow the idea I don’t want to venture into YouTube. When I first started my blog I would say ‘When I leave school I will make a YouTube channel’ because I wasn’t surround by people who would make fun of it. I was always worried about that side of things. Not everyone will understand you, and people will talk behind your back. That is the reality, hence why I kept my blog quiet for the first nine months of blogging. But I thought when I leave school I will escape that and then I can push myself into YouTube.

I have been out of education and in uni for almost a year now. But I still haven’t branched into YouTube and I can firmly say I won’t be. Watching videos on YouTube is something I love – in fact whilst writing this I am watching a bit of Saffron Barker. I often watch YouTube – specifically vlogs – just as a little pick me up too or before I go to bed. This world that YouTube provides mean we have an endless stream of content to binge on. I sometimes get sucked in and then 6 hours later I am watching cute cat videos. No your crying not me…

But similar, if not more so than blogging, YouTube as a space is becoming very saturated. Both physically and creatively. Its a challenge to produce content that people haven’t seen before. And it is a challenge to grow because there is just such a MASS amount of competition. I have spoken about this before in regard to blogging and in fact I did a whole essay on it last year at uni! Conquering that in the blogosphere is hard enough, let alone on a whole other platform too.

Why I Won't Venture Into YouTube

I also don’t agree with some of the content out there and trending at the moment. This is only matter of opinion, I totally appreciate the work YouTubers put into creating their content. But for me I am an old school YouTube fan at heart. I like all the old vlogs, the old collabs and the fave YouTube faces at the time. Even now when I watch YouTube it is going back a rewatching vlogs from however many years ago. I find nowadays some of the trends not really my thing. But these are the videos that do well because so many people are watching them. For me I would want to make content I LIKE not what I think others will like.

Time is also a big issue. For now, when I am not at uni I think I could just about manage it. But in a matter of time I will be back to uni and keeping up on my blog will be a challenge

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14 responses to “Why I Won’t Venture Into YouTube”

  1. Nina says:

    Youtube must be even more time consuming than blogging. You look amazing in this outfit, by the way, beautiful pictures.


  2. Jalisa says:

    I had a YouTube channel for about two years that I was pretty consistent at uploading to. It just became too much and as you’ve said, too saturated. The expectations for having that perfect background and editing was something I didn’t want to deal with. I don’t think I’ll get back into it either, but who knows? Anyway, thanks for sharing your experience and perspective. I hope you have a great week!



  3. adell says:

    Couldn’t agree with you more. Youtube is oversaturated and a platform which requires a lot of time and dedication making it impossible to grow an audience. I’ve entertained the idea of creating a channel but writing blog posts take up enough time as it is!

    Adell x


    • Emily Clare says:

      Blogging does take up time which is primarily why I can’t spend the time on a YouTube channel. However I imagine youtube taking even longer. If I wasn’t at uni then I could see something happening x

  4. Kate says:

    I think like you say, the whole thing is becoming so saturated, and so the best thing to do is just be yourself! If you’re truly passionate about your blog, it makes much more sense to focus all your energies on that. x

    Kate Louise Blogs

  5. Lauren Brooker says:

    I had a Youtube channel was I was like 12 and I used to do those lip synching music videos! Cringeeee. But I also tried Youtube seriously last year and it was so time consuming. Blogging is definitely more my thing for sure x

    Lauren | itslaurenvictoria.co.uk

    • Emily Clare says:

      Ahahaha I did that whole YouTube thing when I was younger aha! I can’t believe I did it! So cringe! And yes I think thats what puts me off the most!

  6. Nice post. Also I recently created an Instagram account called @lafashionbubble. I hope you will follow me on Instagram so that we can connect 🙂

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